Christina Aguilera Not To Blame For Max’s Bruises

Just as we suspected, little Max Bratman took a nasty fall!  Apparently some outlets were trying to blame Christina Aguilera’s parenting for the terrible bruises on Max’s face!  How horrible!

A source shared today that Max was chasing squirrels (as little boys do) when he tripped and slammed his face into a rock.  His nose isn’t broken, but he hit it hard enough to cause all that swelling and those dark bruises under his eyes and across his nose.  How painful.  Ouch!!

“Any reports stating she isn’t a good mom are incorrect,” the source tells Us Weekly. “The reports are actually disgusting. Christina is an amazing mom. Max is a happy playful and active boy who has a loving and safe home.”

Photo by Fame




  1. wolf says

    Oh yeah, Vera—it is incomprehensible that she could be a bad mom—she is XTINA, right? The kid is miserable every time she grabs him for a paparazzi shot—whatev

    • Wendy says

      Did you ever think that maybe he’s miserable because the paparazzi is in his face? He’s 3 years old it probably scares him. How does that make her a bad mom?

      • wolf says

        Whatever–like all other celeb kids are crying and screaming when their mothers are holding them when paparazzi are present–never–just XTINA’s kid in every pic…the kid is miserable in every pic with her–yeah I bet she is a great mom–

  2. sarah says

    WHAT is going on with her hand. It looks like a creepy hand that got photoshopped in to this pic. creepy

  3. Bursting Bubble says

    @Boomer – you little monsters need to stop coming here. So what if the baby’s face looks very ugly? It’s not his fault God created him this way. It’s because both his parents are naturally ugly what do you expect?. Looks have nothing to do with a persons quality. He can be ugly all he likes but he is still human at the end of the day and will grow up a good boy!