Nigella Lawson Becomes Nude Domestic Goddess

Do you watch Nigella Lawson’s cooking shows? What she makes always looks so good (and she seems to actually enjoy her food)! Yet she’s facing a bit of a scandal in London right now.

Nigella had her home renovated to include a loggia, which sounds like a balcony (“a gallery open to the elements”), placed on the second floor of the house. It’s adjacent to her bathroom. And apparently the bathroom is screened off with a clear glass door.

“It isn’t a case of deliberately looking in, but there is a view into the bathroom and anyone glancing in the direction of the loggia from nearby can glimpse what’s going on,” an observer [said].

OMG! When Nigella told, she reportedly “hooted with laughter.”

“I had no idea we were overlooked,” she said. “Obviously, I will investigate.”

The lesson here? If you’re going to have a bathroom that opens into the outdoors with glass doors, invest in FROSTED glass- LOL.

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  1. Jack Kenney says

    Dear Nigella

    Please forgive the sick people in this world that leave such sexual garbage remarks! You see all you sick folk out there, you come on like your the sexual authority and in my opinion, all Nigella has to do is just smile back at you, for she knows you people are so sick, all she can do is feel sorry for you! Yes, Nigella Lawson is a domestic Food Goddess! Yes, she has curves that can “sink a Battleship”, but she has something a lot more vauluable, her mind! She does a terrific tv show and once all you sicko’s can get your eyes and filthy minds off her “anotomic bits”, then maybe you might even get a good lession in cooking and appreciating food a lot more than just sex!

    Nigella, please do not get upset at these types of emails, please just ignore these fools for they are so sexually insecure, that even the American Mad Magazine would throw them into a sexual desire!

    Thank you very much for hearing me out!

    God Bless Nigella Lawson


    Jack Kenney xxxx

  2. j says

    Would you like a tampon with that post?
    She’s not insecure about people telling her she’s beautiful, girls can take those as compliments if they like!

  3. Jo says

    10% of men like bigger women. 90% are hiding it. It’s a scientific thing. Nigella is lucky to be how she is, although it IS completely all down to diet.