Ke$ha Rocks Out In Illinois

Ke$ha lit up the stage at the Charter One Pavillion in Chicago.  The singer rocked the stage in her fishnets and glow in the dark lipstick for her ‘Get Sleazy‘ tour.

She’s been hard at work on her tour and really hasn’t been in the press too much – she has often said she just wants to perform and she must mean it.  😉




  1. maria says

    This pictures is completely inappropriate, I thought this blog had better taste than that.

    • Thaye says

      Why is it inappropriate? Because of the middle fingers? Oh come on, you can’t be serious… :’-)

    • Kaley says

      I agree this picture is classless. I’ve been a faithful reader of INO for several years but I may have to go along with the others and stick with the bigger sites like People and Us Magazine if pictures like this keep being posted.

      I don’t think Vera would have posted this but she needs to have a talk with her writers about what is and is not appropriate for INO.

      • Col says

        Good God, go back to your knitting and bible classes.

        I’m not even a fan of Kesha. I think she is repulsive but for you to threaten to take your celebrity gossip readership elsewhere due to the middle finger being thrown up… peace out, child(ren)