Kristin Chenoweth Talks About Religion & Gay Rights

Kristin Chenoweth refuses to choose: she says she is a devout Christian who also supports gay rights.

“I read my Bible and I pray and all of that – I really do. But at the same time, I don’t think being gay is a sin. Period,” she tells [The Advocate] of her view. “I also think there are a lot of Christians who believe like me…My Grandma Chenoweth told me something when I was growing up. My [gay] best friend…I asked Grandma Chenoweth, ‘How can it be that he’s going to hell? I just don’t think that’s correct.’ And she said, ‘Well, Kris, I read the Bible like I eat fish: I take the meat, and it serves me well, but I don’t choke on the bone.”

Kristin talked about staying firm in her belief in her new album, ‘Some Lessons Learned,’ although she says mostly the album is meant to be inspirational for women.

“I wanted it to be full of hope and inspiration for women like me: women that have had love but haven’t found the right one yet.”

Kristin’s also set to star in the new TV show ‘Good Christian Belles.’ That show sounds satirical: I wonder if these issues will be brought up at all.

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  1. Anonymous says

    gay rights and all that aside, how can you say you believe in God, pray, read the Bible, etc…and then at teh same time say you only believe what suits you? Or what Grandma whatshername said? Okay then, I guess it isn’t GOD that you believe in. He’s not exactly stupid, and He’s not depending on YOU tell tell Him what’s right or wrong.

    • says

      Did you talk to God?What i really want to know is did he answer.400 years ago we left people who thought they were better qualified than God to make judgements on mortals back in england.And that is just were they belong.Ms Chenowith has the God given right of free will to make up her own mind,to bad that so many people think that they have been given the right to make judgements concerning other peoples decisions.I am not a Bible scholar,But if i am not mistaken it does say Thou shalt not judge,not thou shalt hate gays.If you believe in the death penalty,and another person believes in the right to abortion if you both believe in the comandment thou shalt not kill you would both be on the same side (Right)The Mad Eagle

    • LaDee says

      I, too, am a Bible-reading, praying Christian. And there is ample evidence in the Bible that homosexual sex is sin … as is unmarried heterosexual sex. But it is not a particular sin that condemns anyone to hell. It is their rejection of Jesus Christ as Savior. Jesus died on a cross as payment for anyone’s sin if only that person accepted Him and His sacrifice for their sin. The Bible says we’re all sinners. The only perfect person WAS Jesus.

  2. Rocket says

    I guess she is looking at the Bible as a “don’t sweat the small stuff” kind of book, a self-help book rather than something that is a religion that defines a relationship with God or a set of rules to live by?

    I don’t get people who say I am Christian because I read the Bible but don’t follow what it says in the NT? Or I am a good Christian bec I try to be nice???? Plenty of non-Christians are “trying to be nice”, too, that doesn’t make you a part of a religion. Just say you are not Christian then but that you like to study the Bible like some people study Greek mythology or Ancient Egypt. There are Jews and Muslims who are the same way – say oh yes I am this religion when really all they mean is that they follow family tradition, and don’t truly believe in the God described in their holy books or practice those religions in their everyday life.

    Just imo, but if you really don’t practice or believe in the tenets of a religion you shouldn’t tell people you are a devout believer. It is like you are just a big fake trying to play the game from all sides at once.

  3. Catt says

    Just pick and choose what you want to believe – reject the scriptures that clearly says that homosexuality is a sin.

    • Math Man says

      it also says stone women to death if they are not virgins when they wed….I guess you support that too.

  4. Surprise says

    She is a true contradiction. She is what we say a xcafeteria Christian-pick & chose what she likes. The Bible is clear.

    • Math Man says

      I love that people on here say things like “you can’t pick and choose. You say you don’t think gay is a sin then you are picking and that’s not right.”
      The reason I find this funny is because everyone picks and chooses. You do it too, you just don’t like when others do it. The Bible is full of stuff no one follows, and it’s because you choose not to. And if you did follow all the stuff it says, you should probably be in an institution. I personally think the book has a lot of immoral rules and you are pretty crazy if you go by them (but the crazier rules most people ignore).
      At least if she picks and chooses like all christians, she is doing it to accept a group instead of looking at them like subhuman.

      People seem to think the Bible has 90% of it’s goofy stories focusing on gays. Mainly because they choose to focus on it….

      I think a lot of christians these days have more of a problem with gays then with atheists or competing religions. You have your priorities all messed up.

  5. Pete says

    I smile at those who describe the bible by saying it is goofy or God is not in tune for today or do not judge. To have sex man to man is an abomination. If you commit adultry it is sin and sex outside of marriage is sin. Whatever sin you commit and it is a sin according to scripture please do not try to make the scriptures conform to your weakness. I will not judge the condition of your heart and motives but I can judge what your actions are. All human beings must do that or we will not be humans with borders.

  6. Stacey says

    I’m actually surprised by how many people dislike her hypocritical stance. Everyone has the right to believe what they want. That being said, there’s no ambiguity in the Bible about homosexuality. If she chooses to ignore that, it’s her prerogative but she shouldn’t call herself Christian. I would also like to add that for those who say the Bible has a lot of contradictions concerning rules, please study it in depth first and you’ll see why that’s not true. God bless <3

  7. Lauryn says

    I for one admire her! God wants us all to be happy and to love each other as human beings. And the Bible is full of passages that many people ignore, that’s a fact. It’s the fact that a lot of people make it a bigger issue, such as people being gay, than it really has to be! I share her beliefs, but I do believe in God! If we’re wrong, then that’s fine, we’ll learn that on our own when we’re judged, but if you guys don’t agree, then oh well, don’t make it a bigger issue than it has to be! Jesus, and God don’t want us to hate, they want us to love. That’s what being a true christian is. Hate is absolutely evil, and when you use it to hurt other people, then that makes you a bully! Keep an open mind people, God is full of surprises, and the more open your mind is, the less surprising revelations will be in your futures :)

  8. Justin says

    Sometimes I just dont understand why the public gives platforms like this to people who wish to spread hatred and prejudice on subjects they really are ignorant too. Love others as you would want others to love you, speak kindly as words are like stones, and look within yourself before placing judgement and voicing opinions about differences within people. We are ALL different! By the way…. Our world has much bigger issues to focus our energy on like hunger, poverty, and disease. Put your focus and energy into a cause you can help change. The sexuality of others has no affect on you. We are all created equal and should treat others as so.

  9. Sue says

    Please everyone; take a deep breath. I’m amazed that so many of us who believe in God and the teachings of Christ are so quick to condemn those who Christ would teach us to love.

    I’m not an expert on the Bible, but I continue to read it daily,learn and take it into my heart. I’m as certain as I can be that I’ll receive hateful comments in reply to this comment.

    That will only prove the point.

    May The Peace of the Lord be with you today and always.

    • Anonymous says

      If Jesus came back today he would most likely say to all of us to STFU and go to hell!! He was not a pacifist, he was a rebel with a cause and was crucified for his radical solutions to a corrupt Judaic system… he also cursed like most carpenters or tradesman, and did not take any crap from authorities, today he would be considered a “punk”, and he would be put in jail for his preachings against our corrupt government.

  10. Wendy says

    I completely agree with Sue. Who are you guys to say someone is or isn’t a Christian. Do you know what’s in their heart? NO. Only God does. So stop judging people you have never, and probably will never meet in your life.

  11. Doug says

    Though I admire Ms. Chenowith, she is clearly wrong in regard to what the Bible covers on the sin of homosexuality. The Old Testament law given to the Jews clearly states: Levititucus 20:10-21.. Verse 13 states “if a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon on them.7:13–29 18:22 not lie with a male. This outlaws all homosexuality (cf. 20:13; Rom. 1:27; 1 Cor. 6:9; 1 Tim. 1:10). See notes on Gen. 19:1–29.

    MacArthur, J. J. (1997). The MacArthur Study Bible (electronic ed.) (Le 18:22). Nashville: Word Pub.
    7:14 difficult is the way. Christ continually emphasized the difficulty of following Him (10:38; 16:24, 25; John 15:18, 19; 16:1–3; cf. Acts 14:22). Salvation is by grace alone, but is not easy. It calls for knowledge of the truth, repentance, submission to Christ as Lord, and a willingness to obey His will and Word. See notes on 19:16–28.

    MacArthur, J. J. (1997). The MacArthur Study Bible (electronic ed.) (Mt 7:13–14). Nashville: Word Pub. Also the account of Sodom and Gamorrah Gen. 19; Romans 1:18 -32 (vs.26) One has a big problem trying to explain these verses away. Ms Chenoweth and anyone else has clearly not read their Bible regarding this sin. These verses are also not taken out of context. God has more of a problem with it, than Christians..Atheist don’t even recognize God..what a foolish statement. Lauryn stated that she thinks God doesn’t hate this sin, is completely misled and does not know what holy scripture teaches on this matter. And a fact that she is not aware of is: Born again Christians will not be judged for their sins, God does that to them now when they are disobedient (chastisement) we will be given an account on what we did not do and our works, not sins. He clearly teaches us to stay away from evil and not associate with it. You people are not reading the writings of the Apostle Paul. which is God’s Word. Jesus Christ was the most narrow minded person on earth, He was not open minded..He stated, “narrow is the way” meaning to Him and calling for a life of obedience. Where do you people come up with this stuff????? Lastly, Mad Eagle has no idea what he is quoting Matt 7:1 does state that, but he has taken it out of its original context. 7:1 Judge not.
    As the context reveals, this does not prohibit all types of judging (v. 16). There is a righteous kind of judgment we are supposed to exercise with careful discernment (John 7:24). Censorious, hypocritical, self-righteous, or other kinds of unfair judgments are forbidden; but in order to fulfill the commandments that follow, it is necessary to discern dogs and swine (v. 6) from one’s own brethren (vv. 3–5).

    7:13–29 This closing section of the Sermon on the Mount is a gospel application. Here are two gates, two ways, two destinations, and two groups of people (vv. 13, 14); two kinds of trees and two kinds of fruit (vv. 17–20); two groups at the judgment (vv. 21–23); and two kinds of builders, building on two kinds of foundations (vv. 24–28). Christ is drawing the line as clearly as possible between the way that leads to destruction and the way which leads to life.
    7:13, 14 Both the narrow gate and the wide gate are assumed to provide the entrance to God’s kingdom. Two ways are offered to people. The narrow gate is by faith, only through Christ, constricted and precise. It represents true salvation in God’s way that leads to life eternal. The wide gate includes all religions of works and self-righteousness, with no single way (cf. Acts 4:12), but leads to hell, not heaven.
    7:14 difficult is the way. Christ continually emphasized the difficulty of following Him (10:38; 16:24, 25; John 15:18, 19; 16:1–3; cf. Acts 14:22). Salvation is by grace alone, but is not easy. It calls for knowledge of the truth, repentance, submission to Christ as Lord, and a willingness to obey His will and Word. See notes on 19:16–28. An unbeliever cannot understand or interpret the Bible!!

    6:9, 10 This catalog of sins, though not exhaustive, represents the major types of moral sin that characterize the unsaved.
    6:9 not inherit the kingdom. The kingdom is the spiritual sphere of salvation where God rules as king over all who belong to Him by faith (see notes on Matt. 5:3, 10). All believers are in that spiritual kingdom, yet are waiting to enter into the full inheritance of it in the age to come. People who are characterized by these iniquities are not saved (v. 10). See notes on 1 John 3:9, 10. While believers can and do commit these sins, they do not characterize them as an unbroken life pattern. When they do, it demonstrates that the person is not in God’s kingdom. True believers who do sin, resent that sin and seek to gain the victory over it (cf. Rom. 7:14–25). fornicators. All who indulge in sexual immorality, but particularly unmarried persons. idolaters. Those who worship any false god or follow any false religious system. adulterers. Married persons who indulge in sexual acts outside their marriage. homosexuals … sodomites. These terms refer to those who exchange and corrupt normal male-female sexual roles and relations. Transvestism, sex changes, and other gender perversions are included (cf. Gen. 1:27; Deut. 22:5). Sodomites are so-called because the sin of male-male sex dominated the city of Sodom (Gen. 18:20; 19:4, 5). This sinful perversion is condemned always, in any form, by Scripture (cf. Lev. 18:22; 20:13; Rom. 1:26, 27; 1 Tim. 1:10).

    4:21 rod. Spiritual leaders need to use the rod of correction if people persist in sin. The pattern for that correction is illustrated and explained in 5:1–13; cf. Matt. 18:15–18.
    1 Corinthians
    5:1 sexual immorality. This sin was so vile that even the church’s pagan neighbors were doubtless scandalized by it. The Corinthians had rationalized or minimized this sin which was common knowledge, even though Paul had written them before about it (v. 9). The Gr. for “immorality” is the root of the Eng. word “pornography.” his father’s wife. The man’s stepmother, with whom having sexual relations bore the same sinful stigma as if between him and his natural mother. Incest was punishable by death in the OT (Lev. 18:7, 8, 29; cf. Deut. 22:30) and was both uncommon (“not even named”) and illegal under Roman law.
    5:2 puffed up. So arrogant and carnal as to excuse even that extreme wickedness. taken away. Excommunicated as in v. 7 (see Matt 18:15–17; Eph. 5:3, 11; 2 Thess. 3:6).
    5:3 already judged. Paul had passed judgment on the sinner, and the church also needed to.
    5:4 name of our Lord. Consistent with His holy person and will. gathered together. This action is to be done when the church meets publicly (see notes on Matt. 18:15–18). power. Authority is in view. Action against unrepentant sinning in the church carries the weight of the Lord’s authority.
    5:5 deliver … to Satan. “Deliver” is a strong term, used of judicial sentencing. This is equal to excommunicating the professed believer. It amounts to putting that person out of the blessing of Christian worship and fellowship by thrusting him into Satan’s realm, the world system. See note on 1 Tim. 1:20. the destruction of the flesh. This refers to divine chastening for sin that can result in illness and even death. See notes on 11:29–32; cf. Acts 5:1–11. spirit … saved. The unrepentant person may suffer greatly under God’s judgment, but will not be an evil influence in the church; and he will more likely be saved under that judgment than if tolerated and accepted in the church. day of the Lord Jesus. This is the time when the Lord returns with His rewards for His people. See note on 1:8.

    3:13 Moses, who put a veil over his face. This physical action pictured the fact that Moses did not have the confidence or boldness of Paul because the Old Covenant was veiled. It was shadowy. It was made up of types, pictures, symbols, and mystery. Moses communicated the glory of the Old Covenant with a certain obscurity (cf. 1 Pet. 1:10, 11).
    3:14, 15 the same veil remains … a veil lies on their heart. The “veil” here represents unbelief. Those Israelites did not grasp the glory of the Old Covenant because of their unbelief. As a result, the meaning of the Old Covenant was obscure to them (cf. Heb. 3:8, 15; 4:7). Paul’s point was that just as the Old Covenant was obscure to the people of Moses’ day, it was still obscure to those who trusted in it as a means of salvation in Paul’s day. The veil of ignorance obscures the meaning of the Old Covenant to the hardened heart (cf. John 5:38).
    3:14 the veil is taken away in Christ. Without Christ the OT is unintelligible. But when a person comes to Christ, the veil is lifted and his spiritual perception is no longer impaired (Is. 25:6–8). With the veil removed, believers are able to see the glory of God revealed in Christ (John 1:14). They understand that the law was never given to save them, but to lead them to the One who would.

    4:2 we have renounced the hidden things of shame. “Renounced” means “to turn away from” or “to repent,” and “shame” means “ugly” or “disgraceful.” The phrase “hidden things of shame” refers to secret immoralities, hypocrisies, and the sins hidden deep in the darkness of one’s life. At salvation every believer repents and turns away from such sin and devotes his life to the pursuit of godliness. This appears to be a reply by Paul to a direct and slanderous accusation against him, that he was a hypocrite, whose mask of piety hid a corrupt and shameful life. handling … deceitfully. This Gr. word means “to tamper with,” and was used in nonbiblical sources to speak of the dishonest business practice of diluting wine with water. The false teachers accused Paul of being a deceiver (“craftiness”) who was twisting and perverting the teaching of Jesus and the OT Scripture.
    4:3 if our gospel is veiled … to those who are perishing. The false teachers accused Paul of preaching an antiquated message. So Paul showed that the problem was not with the message or the messenger, but with the hearers headed for hell (cf. 1 Cor. 2:14). The preacher cannot persuade people to believe; only God can do that.
    4:4 the god of this age. Satan (cf. Matt. 4:8; John 12:31; 14:30; 16:11; Eph. 2:2; 2 Tim. 2:26; 1 John 5:19). this age. The current world mind-set expressed by the ideals, opinions, goals, hopes, and views of the majority of people. It encompasses the world’s philosophies, education, and commerce. See notes on 10:5. has blinded. Satan blinds men to God’s truth through the world system he has created. Without a godly influence, man left to himself will follow that system, which panders to the depravity of unbelievers and deepens their moral darkness (cf. Matt. 13:19). Ultimately, it is God who allows such blindness (John 12:40). image of God. Jesus Christ is the exact representation of God Himself (see notes on Col. 1:15; 2:9; Heb. 1:3).

    These issues and vs are not picked and chosen to support this view, but is Systematic Theology ” Taken as a whole”

  12. Anonymous says

    Today, it’s Hip to say your all for “Gay Rights” in order to promote and advance in your profession… who is this chick? I never heard of her until she decided to exploit a current event in the American political life.

  13. Jason says

    If you guys are really this up in arms over what one person said about their individual beliefs, maybe you just shouldn’t read stuff like this. Maybe it would take some stress out of your lives.

  14. f&P says

    It amazes me that people are so judgemental. I love all people no matter what even if their beliefs are different from mine. I have gay friends and treat them just like my straight friends. I have friends that have been divorced and know people, like myself, who haven’t been married, but have kids. All I can say, is live your life like as you please, as long as it’s legal. This is AMERICA, where we should thank GOD that we are able to speak our mind and live in a country where we have freedom of religion and many more freedoms.

    • KLB says

      It’s not a matter of loving people; it’s a matter of calling things what they are. For her to come out and say that she is a Christian and then going against what the Bible clearly says about what is a sin; is offensive to some Christians. It’s not a matter of love, but truth. Since we are in America; one of our freedoms the freedom of speech. Just because you may not agree; doesn’t mean the freedom doesn’t exist.

      • f&P says

        So, KLB, the bible doesn’t teach us to love, no matter what? SMH!!!! You’re very contradicting. Calling things what they are, is exactly what Kristen expressed. Some people are gay, and that’s just what it is, if some people can’t handle that, turn the other cheek and walk away and concentrate on your, “perfect” life.

  15. KLB says

    I don’t know what Bible she is reading or what Scriptures she is skipping, but she ought to read a lot more carefully. The Scriptures clearly dictate what is a sin. Just because she chooses not to believe it; doesn’t mean it’s not so. I do more that just read my Bible; I study it. Homosexuality is a sin against God. It may not sit well with her, her grandmother or a lot of people in this country; but it’s still a sin.

  16. dolly says

    People are not perfect including Christians. How can you expect Christians to believe you over what God teaches in his word. If Ms Chenoweth could find the time to study the Bible maybe she would change her mind, but she would not be too popular with her crowd if she did. You’re dirt with the “hollywood crowd” if you don’t go along with their beliefs. Talk about hate, I think that’s coming more from the other side. I didn’t read all the comments, but I did not see hate mentioned by any Christians. Just because we believe it is wrong, doesn’t mean we hate anyone. God says we are to love everyone, including our enemies, so how can we hate. And I’m not saying they are our enemies. I hear celebrities quote from the Bible, when they don’t even believe in it. Like Whoppi Goldberg loves to quote this one, Jesus said “you without sin cast the first stone”, please read the rest of that then, he said “go and sin no more.” I think we need to get into the Bible instead of idolizes celebrities and letting them tell us what to believe. Do you think their way of life is really the way to go?