Paparazzi Annoy Jane Fonda

I wonder if the paparazzi said or did something in particular to annoy Jane Fonda? She was out doing some shopping in Beverly Hills, and apparently she decided to do her best not to give them a picture!

It looks like she’s finished her book tour for ‘Prime Time.’ Have you had a chance to look at it yet? With Borders closed, I need to find another bookstore where I can browse. Or maybe I’ll download a sample to my ereader, if it’s available. I can’t get over how great she looks!

Photos by FAME




  1. Hermione says

    WHY should she smile for the paparazzi? That´s not her or any actors/actress/musicians/ entertainers etc jobb? She´s an actress/writer, not a paparazzi-smiler!
    Dubbel standard for my part, I know, since I´m here reading and writing, but anyway……