Quote Of The Day: Adam Lambert

‘American Idol’ runner-up Adam Lambert shared what it was like as he became aware that he was gay.

“I think when I was about sixth grade, that’s when I realized that I was probably not the same as the other boys. And, you know, it was a weird discovery and, of course, I was kind of in denial for a while and it was all in my head … That’s one of the things that’s so hard about being a young person and realizing you’re gay or bi or whatever — we’re not told that that’s okay.”

That’s such a tough thing for adolescents, who just want to fit in!

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    • eriskay says

      And, what a wasted thought! He’s a very well put together young man, who is in a loving relationship, as well as being our Rock God!! No, he’s certainly not a waste.

  1. Jennifer says

    I am so proud of how Adam has become a role model for young gay kids who are scared and confused. We need more Adam’s in this world. I love him!

  2. debbielynn says

    The world needs more Adam Lambert’s in it
    His message of love & equality is one that today’s youth need to hear
    Thank-You Adam for leading by example & staying true to yourself
    Love overcomes hate, Love has no color, Love has no orientation
    All is love ~ Adam Lambert

  3. anomynous says

    umm.. why is everything about this guy always about him being gay? when does he or the media ever discuss anything else but that fact? He’s gay, so what? millions of people are gay, more have been, and more will be for ages to come. Can we now finally talk about things that really define who they are as person? oh well, we’re getting there one step at a time…

  4. kimmieto says

    i am suporting u in ur desicions, ignore those people tht say its not okay to be gay . im in 9th grade n ive seen alot of people come out as their gay and i thinks thts great that their coming out and being their selfs.alot of people tht i am close to qouestion them self but thts ok it ur self .