Pippa Middleton Heads To Work

Pippa Middleton and the paparazzi must be on a first-name basis at this point! Pippa was photographed heading to work in what’s now her trademark cute outfit ;). I wish I could see that top better, though.

You know, it may not be appropriate for Pippa’s sister, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge to cover the US version of Vogue, but I don’t see any problems with Pippa doing it. She’d make a great cover girl for Vogue, don’t you think?

Quick, someone contact Anna Wintour!

Photos by FAME




  1. Anonymous says

    Why is it not appropriate for Kate to be on the cover but Pippa it is?!?!

    they both shop at zara and wear simple clothes. UGH. is this blog getting paid to yap about pippa? its so annoying.

  2. captain spaulding says

    I so don’t get the excitement over her. She looks a good 15 years older than she is and is, imo, quite plain.