NBC Cancels ‘The Playboy Club'; Picks Up Full Seasons Of Two Others

After three weeks of poor ratings, NBC has officially canceled ‘The Playboy Club‘, which starred Eddie Cibrian and Amber Heard.

Good news for other network fans: NBC did give full season orders to ‘Whitney’ and ‘Up All Night’ (starring Will Arnett and Christina Applegate).

On the bright side, Eddie and LeAnn Rimes won’t have to keep commuting back and forth between Chicago and L.A.

Have you been watching any of these shows?  I’m always afraid to start new ones each season, because they’d wind up canceled!




  1. yvonne says

    I did watch it and I liked it….. the clothes, music and dancing was fun!! The story line was just getting started…. Three episodes that’s not enough time to give a show!!! I never once watched Whitney or the baby show…… no interest!!!

  2. T. Deronn says

    I really liked the Playboy Club…. Very very disappointed that NBC is cancelling it….. It’s a different type of show… You can’t treat it like all the others!!!!!! I can’t believe this… SMH… It was just heating up… The writing was great… Big mistake Mr. Peacock !!!!! :-(

  3. says

    I am so upset that they are cancelling the show. It was getting good. Way to go NBC….The rest of your shows suck….

  4. sam says

    Well obviously people didn’t like this show, it’s why the ratings kept right on dropping week after week and with each and every photo-op EC and LR staged. People probably would have tolerated the show better, had EC and LR not staged a photo-op with those kids over the weekend and then continued on into the next day.

    Funny how that how this works, EC gave an interview on Friday to RR and Leann gave in interview on Thursday to Ellen and then the following Monday, the ratings drop. That speaks volumes. People don’t like this couple, it’s not like NBC didn’t know it.

    Poor Leann she doesn’t get to exploit the homeless kids of Chicaog.

    How odd that these supporters are showing up NOW, AFTER the show has been canceled?