Pippa Middleton Is Rad In Plaid

Pippa Middleton rocked her plaid today for work. With the long shirt, skinny jeans and heels, Pippa looks as great as ever. This girl just has IT.

I’m coveting that bag! Are you looking forward to the E! True Hollywood Story: Kate and Pippa? It’s scheduled to premiere tomorrow night.

Photos by FAME




  1. Anonymous says

    NO. she doesn’t have IT. lol! she is SO plain jane its annoying to hell how much you think she is this trailblazing fashionista. she wears trends. she goes into a store and buys whats on the mannequin. NOTHING exciting. she is a big big bore. and I’m not sure why the hell she is getting so much attenion. ur blog is annoying me just because of pippa. its odd.

  2. Anonymous says

    pippa looks great as ever? pretty sure every mod indie chick down the street wears black skinnies, plaid, and black heels. nothing to get excited over.

  3. Lisette says

    It’s sort of like the Kardashians, people either love to see them or hate to see them. You can’t please everyone. lol

  4. Anonymous says

    I’m with the Anonymous’s lol. Constant posing and drooling over Pippa is nauseating. She is plain Jane and matchy matchy. So sick of the idolizing, she’s just blech.