Love It Or Hate It: Rob Lowe

Here’ the always good-looking ‘Parks and Recreation’ star Rob Lowe leaving Boa Steakhouse. Do you notice anything different? If you noticed the longer hair, then you’re not alone. Entertainment Weekly even has an article about it (apparently, the new hairstyle is for a movie role).

What do you think of Rob’s new look? It’s not going over well, apparently. I myself do prefer it shorter, but I don’t think this is cringe-worthy bad.

Photos by FAME




  1. Keilee says

    Forget ‘Love it or Hate it’ it should be ‘did you even notice this’? talk about mountain from molehill, I didnt even notice a damn thing about his hair. I thought he was going to be wearing something ugly when the page loaded and got really concerned reading about his hair given I saw nothing out of the ordinary. Began to worry about my eyes, was I missing something. What a stupid post