Hot New Video: Britney Spears In ‘Criminal’

Britney Spears did a mini-movie here with her new video for her song, ‘Criminal.’ She even got boyfriend Jason Trawick in the video as the guy who comes to her rescue! (So this is what they were shooting last month.)

What do you think? ‘Criminal’ isn’t one of my favorite Britney songs, but this video is well-done. And I have to say, I never realized just how hawt Jason is. YUM!




  1. Ella says

    I must say, I am pleasantly surprised. Not the BIGGEST Britney fan in the world, but I do enjoy her music from time to time. I am extremely happy that decided to release a song like this. It’s a refreshing listen after how many straight up club songs in a row? The video, I must say, is EXTREMELY well directed. Honestly, I was so surprised to see this. Her videos as of late have all kind of bored me, even though the video for “I Wanna Go” was pretty cute. That being said, she was clearly extremely in to shooting this video. I think the fact that her boyfriend plays her love interest really helped to make her feel comfortable. I love the opening sequence, it shows she’s got some decent acting chops. The final scene of Britney and Jason kissing in the room while bullets are flying through the air is absolutely beautiful. I loved this video so much. In my opinion, this is the music video of the year.

  2. Melissa says

    I’m not a Britney Spears fan, but I do like some of her songs. I really like her new song, Criminal, but I’m pretty sure those instrumentals (the one where the flute plays) is from the TV show ‘Degrassi’… isn’t it?