Alexa Ray Joel Contracted HPV From An Ex

Alexa Ray Joel gave a very candid interview to Jane Pratt for She opened up about her troubled past relationship (the one that culminated in her hospitalization).

Okay, well, my story in a nutshell. I was very in love with my bass player. I was 19, he was 34, which right there is already a problem. I didn’t realize it at the time, I was so shy and here was this cool older guy, and the relationship moved really fast because he was looking for fulfillment in his life and it became very co-dependent, and that happens when you’re young.

And it’s hard to really sum up, but yeah, it spiraled out of control and we were very in love, but I would say we lived together for two years and then he kicked me out and then it was really hard for me.

That’s when Alexa ended up taking the homeopathic pills that landed her in the hospital.

I wasn’t seeking therapy or any of that. I was crying a lot. I felt really depressed and it came to a head… I took some Traumeel, which is a homeopathic anti-inflammatory. I just wanted to kind of not think and fall asleep. I thought it was just going to knock me out, which is a really irresponsible silly thing to do. I was in a very emotional state, maybe being a bit of a drama queen too, which is to my own detriment.

I wound up going to the emergency room. It was this whole trauma. I felt terrible. It got misconstrued a lot in the press…

That must’ve been hard. Alexa also revealed that she contracted HPV (human papilloma virus, which is a very prevalent sexually transmitted disease) from her ex-boyfriend.

I had [HPV]. But I mean, a lot of people get it from my ex. I mean it was fine, you know. There are no side effects. You just go and get it taken care of.

Planned Parenthood told that because HPV is so widespread, it’s impossible to tell who transmitted HPV to whom. Jane also announced that Alexa Ray will be a contributor to You can read the entire interview here.

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  1. Clalp says

    It baffles me how misunderstood HPV is. You can’t “get it taken care of”. You can take care of the things that it causes like the warts and cervical cancer, but there is no actual “cure” for it.

  2. henderswife says

    Is he the only guy she has ever had sex with? Probably not a good idea to say he gave you an STD and then say that he has given it to lots of other girls. She needs to let go and move on. Stop being so bitter.

    • mizzw says

      I think her quote was mangled in the punctuation — if you rewrote it this way, “I had [HPV] — but I mean, a lot of people get it — from my ex.” It means something completely different and much more realistic.

  3. Waitwut says

    Wait, she ATE the Traumeel?!
    Maybe it was some sort of OD attempt, because Traumeel is a topical anti-inflammatory gel for pain on things like joints, back, etc. and is know to e very safe. You’re not supposed to “take” it, which is the word she uses. Hmm.

  4. Lauren says

    This is rediculus. There is no treatment to cure HPV. Also, HPV can be transmitted at any time with no visible signs even with the proper use of a condom.

  5. SuzieQ says

    Traumeel can be topical or pill form. But, you absolutely cannot OD or do harm to yourself from homeopathics, so there’s another reason for her hospital visit. Publicity stunt?

    • EmmaJ says

      To call her hospitalization [or anyones, for that matter] a “publicity stunt” is disgusting. Mental health issues are just as serious as other health issues. Are you in the habit of telling people with cancer that the are trying to get attention?

      Your words have consequences and what you said is another reflection of society’s disregard for depression. If you want people to take care of themselves & seek help, stop diffusing such bullshit.

  6. DMcG says

    Her blase attitude about HPV is not the right message to send out to women. She needs a little more education on what she has contracted and is living with for the rest of her life especially as it is linked to cervical cancer.

  7. Actually... says

    The strain of HPV that simply causes the external warts actually can clear your system within months or years. I use to have the external type but it cleared my system 3 years ago. There are more than 150 strains of HPV with only 3-5 that cause the irregular cells that cause cervical cancer. Do research before you get indignant about something.

    • Shannon says

      You’re absolutely right…I was shocked when I did the research when I found out I had HPV. Luckily I do not have the strain that causes outward symptoms, but I have had to get pre-cancerous cells removed. I flipped out when I found out until my doctor told me at some point close to 90% of sexually active people will contract it, and it’s not just from sex. Furthermore it can remain dormant in your system which makes it almost impossible to tell who gave it to whom. Your body can clear it, I actually test negative now, but there is this stigma attached to it that you’re “dirty” somehow or you weren’t careful, or your partner lied to you and infected you…I actually don’t know anyone close to me who doesn’t have some strain, but it’s so important to keep on top of treatment wise. Just because you may be “asymptomatic” doesn’t mean down the road more invasive procedures won’t be needed to prevent cervical cancer.

  8. Frank says

    And that’s what happens when you’re young, stupid and allow older idiots to take advantage of you.

    I’d offer my sympathies but I simply have none, hoo-ha!

  9. iopakliokla says

    50-80% of sexually active people have it at some point. There are different strains. It can cause mouth and throat cancer. Sometimes it clears spontaneously. I had mine taken care of, which involved a vulvectomy for H.P.V. related cancer. It should not be portrayed as no big deal!

  10. says

    Even some of those attempting to educate in their comments above still have it wrong. There are 14 strains of high risk HPV that can cause six different cancers; cervical, vaginal, vulvar, penile, anal and oropharyngeal. Low risk HPV causes genital warts and just because you test negative or show no symptoms as one woman stated “thank goodness she doesn’t have the kind that shows symptoms”. What? If she had precancerous cells removed then she already has high risk HPV because that is the type which cases precancerous and cancerous changes. Having survived two invasive cancers and numerous precancerous lesions from HPV over 25 years I know it is NOT curable. It may go dormant and show up months, years and even decades later. It is grossly irresposible to portray this virus as no big deal especially when it has the potential to take people’s lives through cancer and not just cervical as people keep stating. It’s too bad because we need people like her to be educated about HPV and then function as a rep against HPV. Our government fails to educate us regarding the HPV vaccine and the other cancers resulting from HPV yet it managed to inform everyone about HIV which was discovered in the very same year. HPV can results in the need for horrrific surgical procedures, mutilating surgery, infertility, not to mention cancer and she considers this no big deal? Obviously she hasn’t been informed at all about the true consequences of HPV and has now spread this misinformation to thousands (if not more) of others who will go on to think it is no big deal either. The HPV Support Network operates to provide education regarding all types of HPV and the cancers they cause as well as resources and the real scoop about this virus. (
    As for “me”s comments, HPV is transmitted by skin to skin contact. One does not even have to engage in intercourse of any kind to contract HPV and stating that any woman deserves what she gets is like saying she deserves to be raped for wearing a short skirt and just as ridiculous. The HPV virus can be found in saliva, urine, semen, sperm, breast milk and even vaginal discharge obtained from women’s underwear. Just like pregnancy, it only takes one and having HPV is NOT an indication that a person is permiscuous. It is this unfortunate uneducated thinking that continues to brand women while often praising men for their prowess, how disgusting.

  11. says

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