Jessica Simpson Isn’t Covering Up Her Belly

Rumor has it the reason Jessica Simpson has not formally announced her pregnancy is because she wants $500,000 for the exclusive, and no media outlet is willing to pay that type of money.

If this is true, then it seems like Jessica has run out of time. Normally I hate to say someone is pregnant in case the person has actually just gained a few pounds, but unless Jessica is gaining lots of weight only in her torso, I have to say, that looks like a baby bump to me! She’s not even trying to cover it up.

I wonder if it’s also true Jessica is expecting a baby girl? We’ll find out eventually.

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  1. Kristin says

    We’ll be finding out sooner rather than later it looks like. She has to be at least 7mo. along. And why the crap does she want money to announce she’s pregnant?? Who does that?

  2. Jen S. says

    I find it interesting that a girl who went from saving her virginity til her wedding day in her first marriage, is now having a baby out of wedlock. I wonder what her minister father thinks of all this. Especially since Ashley was pregnant when she married Pete Wentz.

  3. Dana says

    She DEFINITELY looks pregnant, there is no way that is Snapple and beef brisket in there! She looks great though :)

  4. Anonymous says

    that’s why it’s called a ….rumor… maybe she just didn’t think she had to tell all of the world that she’s pregnant…