Leighton Meester Rocks The Blue In NYC

Leighton Meester and Roxane Mesquida were hard at work today on the streets of the Upper East Side.  The ‘Gossip Girl‘ actresses filmed scenes together for season 5.

It’s an interesting combination of blues, that’s for sure.  Nothing but the best for Blair Waldorf, right?  Are you watching the current season?  What do you think so far?  Who are you hoping that Blair winds up with?  Prince Louis? Chuck? Dan?  I’m so conflicted!!

Photos by Fame




  1. audrey says

    Who ever wrote this needs to invest in a dictionary/ thesaurus so you can look up lots and lots of new words. Rock is a cool word when it is used it the right context…however when you insist on using it on every other post, regardless of how hideous the person looks wearing what ever it is they are supposed to be ‘rocking’ it gets old…really really old very quickly.