Tori Spelling Rushed To The Hospital

Tori Spelling is not having an easy time of it after giving birth to her third child, daughter Hattie, a little over two weeks ago. On Saturday she tweeted:

Anyone else get horrendous migraines right after giving birth? Is it hormones?I’ve had one for a week now. Nothing is working :(

Yesterday Dean McDermott reportedly took Tori to the hospital. It’s unclear if she was admitted or returned home, though. Hopefully they were able to help her: it’s bad enough dealing with two kids and a newborn right after giving birth!

Tori’s kids are trying to make sense of her post-baby belly.

Omg! Liam is doing funny voices for and playing with my jiggly post preggers belly saying “Hi, I’m Mr. Fat Belly”

Stella touched my belly confused&said “mommy is there another baby N there? Why’s it still big?”#D*mnIThoughtILookedGood #HumbledByMy3YrOld

That’s the reality of a post-pregnancy body! Luckily, Tori knows the deal so she can have a sense of humor about it ;).

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  1. Leslie says

    These headaches are from spinal leakage during the epidural. I had them and they are excruciating…they last for about a week, until the internal puncture heals from the needle. Good luck to her!