Is Johnny Depp’s Latest Quote Offensive To Americans?

Johnny Depp is on the promotional trail for ‘The Rum Diary‘ and it sounds like he’s giving some more unfortunate quotes this week.  Johnny gave a lengthy interview to ‘The Guardian’ and in it, he got in a few digs at the American culture.  Should we be offended?

When asked if he thought ‘The Rum Diary’ would do better in Europe (it’s been tanking in the U.S. box office numbers):

“Most definitely. It’s something that will be more appreciated over here, I think. Cos it’s – well, I think it’s an intelligent film.” He leaves a meaningful pause. “And a lot of times, outside the big cities in the States, they don’t want that.”

He then chats about why he won’t give up his American citizenship (to do with paying taxes), but explains his love of Europe and is asked if there’s anything he dislikes about it:

“No. Not that I can think of, no. It’s a very old and beautiful culture, people know how to live. You know, here you have Sunday roast or the pub lunch, that kind of thing. It’s comforting. We don’t have that in our culture in the States. Sunday is football day, so it’s chicken wings and pizza.”

It’s a long interview, but worth the read.  Do you think Johnny will retract what he said or try to back pedal? Are you offended by his comments?




  1. Andrea says

    he probably should just stick to acting where you don’t need formal education. Sweeping generalizations of entire countries of people aren’t usually accurate. I’ve never watched Football on a Sunday, and in many places in Europe Football is a way of life. Stick to acting and leave the sociology to the better educated.

  2. Anna Welch says

    I think Johnny makes a good point. It seems like most of the people in the U.S. are self-centered and greedy. Don’t get me wrong I’am not saying everyone is,I just think that most Americans don’t really care about their fellow man. This country needs to go back to simplier times. As far as Johnny being an actor,I don’t think he gets the recognition he so rightly deserves.

    • MrSatyre says

      Come again? How many of the 300+ million Americans do you actually know? Are YOU self-centered and greedy? Are your friends, relatives, neighbors and coworkers self-centered and greedy? I’m not, and neither are the people I know. Where do you come off saying most Americans don’t care about their fellow man when this nation is the world leader in charitable and disaster aid contributions?

      Are we perfect? Hell no, but we’re a damn site better off than many other places in the world (including Europe), thanks to our compassion and selflessness.

      Depp doesn’t get the recognition he so rightly deserves? Have you even LOOKED at the sales figures for his films? The ‘Pirates’ films have raked in over a billion dollars worldwide on his name alone. He is a fantastic actor who has let success based on the recognition of his talents go to his head. He is wearing what I refer to as “Madonna-blinders”: becoming so enamored with the opulent lifestyle in France reserved for the rich and famous that he cannot see anything wrong with the political or sociological situations there or elsewhere. All he can do is bad-mouth America because it’s trendy. He’s a cardboard cutout of a human being, a puppet to fashion. And that makes him worse than any of the people he is overgeneralizing and disparaging.

      People, WAKE UP! Go to ANY country in the world, take away the flags and the names, and what have you got? EVERYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD! Everyone has the same problems and the same advantages. Some just have more or less of them. Take your self-righteous indignation and insults and redirect them at yourself.

      • Ruben says

        I’m sorry, but America isn’t better than Europe, you might think it is, but I might think it isn’t.. So don’t go saying America is better than Europe, cuz it isn’t

  3. barbiekat says

    I agree too, I am an American and im asheamed to be. I would love to get out of here.

      • Haikukitty says

        Settle down. You know, it’s the people who are willing to criticize their country and want to make it better who are the true patriots. Turning a blind eye to our faults is not patriotic, it’s just stupid.

        And unless you’ve spent time in Europe – where every citizen can afford to get medical treatment, BTW, I wouldn’t generalize about how we’re better.

        Not too mention – this is the country where a crown of people recently screamed “Yeah!” when asked if a person without health insurance should be allowed to just die, and who booed a gay serviceman who is fighting for our country.

        Our kindness and compassion! Ha!

    • Anonymous says

      i’m bewildered how idiots will claim they can’t stand our country or ashamed or hate America, yet stay. It’s a free country, you don’t like it here get the hell out.

    • Victoria Carlton says

      Yes, get the hell out of here. Why haven’t you gone to join Depp on France? I give you about 6 weeks before you will be begging for forgiveness. I have been ALL over this world AND you would have to be crazy to want to live anywhere else! You show your ignorance, my dear!

  4. Keilee says

    Seriously??people find that insulting? wow, grow up. He’s right. All the big blockbusters, theyre hardly intellectual, challenging movies and the ones that are that type arent blockbusters. Look at thing like Bridesmaids, XMEN; these are not exactly mentally stimulating but they make money. why?because theyre escapist fare. Realistic, gritty, mental movies make less money because a)theyre not widely publizied due to lower budgets and b) people want to forget their troubles for a few hours. People need to get thicker skin or stop lying to themselves. and bloggers like you shouldnt try to stir up something out of nothing

    • emu says

      Number one movies in Europe:

      Russia “Puss in Boots” [more]
      USA “Puss In Boots” [more]
      UK “The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn” [more]
      Germany “Johnny English Reborn” [more]
      France “Bienvenue à Bord” [more]
      Italy “Season Of The Witch” [more]
      Switzerland “Kung Fu Panda 2″ [more]
      Australia “Bridesmaids” [more]
      Hong Kong “Green Lantern” [more]

      Oh yeah, they’re all really intellectual. And France’s #1 movie is from 1990. Hmm.

      • Anon says

        Australia isn’t in Europe. Neither is USA or Hong Kong. -.-‘

        I love how Johnny Depp isn’t afraid to say what he feels. Its true, what dumb red-neck wants to watch a highly intellectual film, in which they probably wouldn’t understand anyway?

  5. anonymous says

    Read the whole interview. It’s completely insulting. I’m not living in a “big city”, so that makes me some hick who only wants to see Transformers? He’s really turned into a snob. He’s from the SOUTH, Sunday roast is alive and well, wth? He’s out of touch with the world. I hate when people make sweeping assumptions of entire countries and the people residing there. It’s absolutely offensive. He needs to shut it.

  6. TGH says

    I’d hate to hear what he has to say about Americans who love Hollywood gossip….

    But like everyone else I agree with him….since I live INSIDE a big city in the States.

  7. Madd says

    I’m french and I can say that people from big cities, here in france are so rude ! and when I came to NYC I was so amazed to see that people actually stop to help you find your way ! I think that it really depends on your wealth ! If you’re rich, you’re a king in europe because you can afford the european lifestyle (museum, access to History and culture, gastronomy, good life in a very nice place etc…) and everything but believe me when you’re not rich you take your children to mc donalds or KFC there’s no lunch made of delicate wine and tender meat on the parisian grass !!!

  8. Denese says

    Each side has it’s good and bad points. It sounds like he likes Europe better. I like the U.S. better. I can also tell you from first hand experience that everything stops over there every time there is a soccer match. I’ve had waiters stop in the middle of handing out plates just to watch a kick.

  9. Matt says

    I’m American, have lived both places, and agree with him on certain points. European life-style, generally speaking, places more emphasis on enjoying life, while Americans are more concerned with achieving goals, status, etc. Sweeping generalizations to be sure, but overall pretty much on point.

  10. coco says

    No, it’s not insulting at all. “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and Jersey Shore have top ratings…. yeah, he is right, Americans have lost their intelligence.

    • MrSatyre says

      Have you watched TV in other countries? Please don’t think even for a minute that low-brow TV is exclusive to the US. “Baywatch” was #1 in Europe for many years, and they have plenty of their own dreck to turn your brains into pudding.

      • Anywho says

        Also, many of the most successful American television shows are European imports. America’s Got Talent, X Factor, The Office, Big Brother (I believe?) etc. Those are just a few I could name off-hand, as someone who doesn’t watch a lot of television. I’m sure there are many more.

  11. Margie says

    I, too, agree…and no i’m not offended at all. Coco makes a great point…when Jersey Shore and The Kardashian’s are the top shows…we may need to listen to what he’s saying. Besides..Johnny gets a pass from me no matter what based on his hotness and his cool factor!

    • Caskey says

      In no way am I belittleing you or her with this comment. However, They are the top shows, which even better proves the fact that Americans have nothing better to do than watch crap on tv. Its not entertaining at all and any, ANY idiot can keep up with it no matter what part of the show they walk in at. It’s bad enough that we are in the race for being the most unhealthy, over wight country in the world, we might as well throw uneducated on the board as well.

      I think what most people seem to forget is that we are entitled to our opinions. Some people have obviously listed theirs. (we all wish they hadn’t) While bashing others only proves a point in ways that Depp might have tried to express, I’ll say I agree with some of what he says and decide to ignore the rest of the garbage posted on here, just like the garbage on television.

      Again, I am not upset at the person who made the comment, but the fact that the highest rating shows there are in America. It shows a lot about “us.”

  12. emu says

    I think it’s stereotypical of Depp to say that. Of course it’s going to be different everywhere. And Wichita, Kansas has a lot smaller population that NYC. So while they may not be gobbling up the Rum Diary (which is an intelligent film? I mean, I love Hunter S. Thompson- but he wan’t the more intellectual guy)- that could just be because there’s a smaller population to go out and see the film. Yes Xmen and Bridesmaids are big blockbusters, but it’s not like all European films are high art.

    Here’s a film list from a theater in Regensburg, Germany:

    Most of them are American crap that’s been subtitled.

    There is low brow entertainment in every country, including his beloved France (which he doesn’t want to pay taxes for to support).

    And just because I don’t want to shell out $10 on opening day to see his movie doesn’t mean I’m less intelligent than a European.

    I watch Criterion Collection films and I’m sure that he’s referring to those caliber of movies. But to act like the Rum Diary, or really anything he’s been in [besides Dead Man] is such a work of art, and he’s such a high brow artist, is really laughable.

    Depp means moron in German- and he certainly seems to be one more and more with each interview that comes out.

    • Anywho says

      I just think it’s very “fashionable” these days to love Europe and hate America. If I’m not mistaken, one of the hallmarks of European culture is a sense of elegance and sophistication. Johnny’s elegance factor just plummeted. Sometimes, saying nothing speaks louder than ignorant musings.

  13. Rose24 says

    Margie @ you say you agree with him that Americans have lost their intelligence, yet here you are saying he gets a pass from you no matter what based on his hotness and his cool factor? My question being where is your intelligence that you’re giving someone a pass because you think their hot and cool.

    • Captain Video says

      You said a mouthful. Love it. Bottom line, people from all over the world flock to America seeking to live the *american dream*. Not so for other countries. America (the melting pot) and it’s proud citizens may not be perfect but at least we know we are free.

      • Haikukitty says

        Oh yeah, I’m free all right. Except I can’t protest without getting arrested, I can’t walk down the street without being on camera, the police can bust down my door on any pretext, I can’t take drugs (not saying I want to).

        Also, I’m struggling so much just to stay afloat that I’m exhausted all the time from working just to make ends meet.

        Free to do what exactly? Seriously, I’m curious.

        • Incognito says

          You are free to leave at anytime! Btw, you will not be arrested for peacefully protesting.
          Fact: you have many guaranteed freedoms here in the USA that you don’t have in many other countries.

          So, if you don’t like it, just get in that hollowed out tree trunk that you likely came across the ocean in and go back to to the wonderful country from which you came

  14. Natalie says

    Here’s the facts: with the exception of pirates 4 (didn’t see it, so it could be bad), Johnny Depp’s last 3-4 movies were awful and they all tanked at the US box office. Also, he’s not very versatile – he plays the same 2-3 types of characters in every role he takes. He is not the highest paid actor anymore, either (not even close) Lastly, he’s no longer the world’s sexiest man

    Johnny Depp is no longer relevant to the American public. Insulting the American public at large is just a coping mechanism he is using to deal with the rejection.

    —Just as a side note: Europeans are notoriously superficial and materialistic. Additionally, their addiction to celebrity gossip and drama goes back way further and is ingrained much more deeply into their culture. Need I remind everyone that princess Di was killed in a car accident trying to escape paparazzi. The paps didn’t evem help her as she lay on the ground dying – the just stood around he taking pics. Disgusting and Disgraceful!

    • OMSS says

      ‘Just as a side note: Europeans are notoriously superficial and materialistic. Additionally, their addiction to celebrity gossip and drama goes back way further and is ingrained much more deeply into their culture. Need I remind everyone that princess Di was killed in a car accident trying to escape paparazzi. The paps didn’t evem help her as she lay on the ground dying – the just stood around he taking pics. Disgusting and Disgraceful!’

      O_O seriously? You’re going to have to give us more examples. Because if that’s all you got to smear an entire CONTINENT (with 50 different countries- we are not all the same!) then your statement is truly laughable! Just as laughable as Johnny Depp’s comments!

  15. kitkat says

    What is so offensive? He doesn’t say he hates the U.S., he says he still would consider living here, but he just doesn’t seem to pander to the ridiculousness that has become our culture. Everything is trashy and over the top, with reality shows and fake celebrities becoming the most important thing in many people’s lives. Sure, it’s a generalization, but he also says nothing about the Europeans being superior. I found when I was in Europe that more people seemed interested in artsy films, and when I returned to the States, everyone was excited about the Jackass film. I still prefer to live in the States, but I wish I could mix the things I loved about Europe with the things I love here. There were definitely times I was embarrassed to admit I was American. The bad behavior of a few idiots ruins it for everyone.

    Nowhere does he say he thinks he is the greatest at anything. He just seems to genuinely not give a crap about many of the trivialities a lot of Americans hold dear.

  16. isis says

    From the cultural standpoint I dont agree or disagree. I am an American and Mexican, I was born California and I will probably live here forever. I love my country yet I also appreciate other countries and their differences. If we didnt have differences, we would be a boring monotonous planet, there would no fun in traveling and exploring other parts of the world. That being said, whats wrong Pizza and Wings?

  17. Robbin Marx says

    This “interviewer” sounds as those she has one hand on her question sheet and the other on her private female area. As for Depp – Europe can keep him. We have too many elitist asses in the America as it is. And anyone who knows ANYTHING about Hunter S. Thompson knows he wasn’t worth the powder to blow his corpse out of the mouth of that cannon. Killing himself is one thing but calling up his wife on the phone so she could helplessly listen to the gunshot and then falling where his two sleeping children could be awakenened and find him is simply the most self pitying thing in the world. Depp idolizes Thompson. You poseur. You unkempt, stinky, slithering, smoking viper – Stay out of America !

  18. Anonymous says

    Hey Mr. Deppshit, you’re an entertainer, entertain me. Leave the insight to people who have an education dumbass

  19. Catty says

    I think Mr. Depp should go back to France and give up his American citizenship. This is not the first time he has denigrated Americans for being “stupid”. All of America is too stupid to understand his new movie except for a few big cities – pretentious much?? Does he honestly think no one in America cooks Sunday dinner anymore?? All we eat on Sundays is “pizza and chicken wings”?? And according to him all Americans are constantly on the verge of being attacked by crack dealers – where would Johnny Depp ever be where he would be attacked by a crack dealer?? I am sick to death of American stars marrying someone European and suddenly bashing their homeland (Madonna & Gwyneth). As for his assertion that all of Middle America is dumb – Hunter S. Thompson was from Middle America as was Johnny – a 9th grade dropout from Kentucky – enough said.

  20. says

    As an American serving in the armed forces and fought in three combat zones, I’m totally disgusted with comments of some Americans saying that they rather leave my great nation. I say to them if they been abroad to see other things besides the tourist attractions, they would not say what they stated. If you don’t love American then American does not love of need you do pack if stuff and leave.

  21. Gary in NYC says

    I’m very disappointed in many responses for this topic. You have some people say Johnny Depp is out of touch an that it’s the Europeans who are superficial. What?

    Seriously folks… I agree with MrSatyre, that there are terrific and terrible people all over the world. Yes, there are cultural differences from one region to the next. Having lived in many different places around the US and several in Europe, I would say that *on average* people are more cultured in Europe. But that doesn’t mean Americans are uncultured. The movie “The King’s Speech” was an intellectual film. Did it bomb? Quite the contrary. However, that’s a country-wide generalization. I’m sure it didn’t sell as well in other locales.

    Johnny Depp is EXTREMELY FORTUNATE. France has so many gorgeous, wonderful places to live in it. Paris is stunning. But, you have to be wealthy to really enjoy it. Taxes are high and the economy is tough. Someone like Depp is now so out of touch with the average person, making statements as he did. As some suggest, he really needs to avoid commentary on society and just stick to the basics as he USED TO.

    I’m also in agreement with Natalie that Depp has pigeon-holed himself… he plays a very limited range of roles. He’s really more of a character actor at this point. A very fortunately and extremely wealthy one at that.

    He is holding onto his American citizenship purely for tax purposes and other conveniences. If something goes wrong with his life in France, he can easily hightail it back to the USA. Nice little safety net for him. And thus he avoids paying certain taxes by keeping his predominant residency in France. He is making very good use of his position and leveraging his citizenship. So, he should be a little more respectful of his mother country. To me, he has more egg on his face and I’m not at all interested in paying movie theater prices to see his work. The last time I did that was for one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Since then, I’m more than happy to wait for the rental or catch it on a cable network.

  22. Tony S says

    It hurts to hear the truth eh? Travel outside the big cities and you’ll see what he means, he ain’t lying.

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  25. Anonymous says

    I don’t think he meant it as a bad comment. Think about it, what would do better on the box office? A documentary about the 2012 supposedly events or a fiction movie where the hero comes and saves the day? I believe that is what he meant. Should he b careful how he word things? Yes but Johnny Depp is one of the most down to earth actors in the industry so stop over analyzing everything that is said.

  26. jj17 says

    Once again Depp proves himself to be a a piece of sh!t! Rum Diary tanked because it fricking sucks! (see the %50 on RT)

  27. Béa says

    I have to disagree. I live in France for 4 years now and I really don’t see that much of a difference. And as far as the Europe-is-wonderful goes, stop generalizing… there are countries here where people can’t afford medical insurance or a decent home (Portugal, Ireland, Greece). That’s typically american thinking that europeans spend their day drinking wine in a bistro and eating a baguette. People here as just as rude and individualist as everywhere else.

    I’m not american so I apologize for my bad english.

  28. Edward says

    Seems the same movies that do well here do well over there. He likes making his money here though working for Disney.