Lindsay Lohan Is In-And-Out Of The Big House

And she’s already OUTTA there! After checking herself into the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, CA just last night, troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan has been set free after a few short hours behind bars.

According to, Lindsay arrived at the facility at 8:48 pm on Sunday, Nov. 6, but was subsequently released four-and-a-half hours later. Though Lilo was set to serve a 30-day sentence for violating her probation, she wasn’t expected to spend Turkey Day in a jail cell.

As previously reported, the Sheriff’s officials made it clear that because of overcrowding, the soon-to-be Playboy centerfold wouldn’t serve her month-long sentence in the slammer.

Now that Lilo is out of the big house, she’ll have to complete all of her community service at the morgue, in addition to 19 court-ordered psycho-therapy sessions. If not, Linds will have a 270-day stint behind bars to look forward to.

Do you think Lindsay will make good on her word and clean up her act?

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  1. audrey says

    4 1/2 hours…that is hardly time to reflect on much other than what club she is going to go to upon her release. Something tells me she has learned nothing from all this–other than that the justice system is a big joke.

  2. anonymous says

    I have been one of Lindsay’s biggest cheerleaders for years, but I just can’t lift the pompoms any longer. This girl is a wreck. I honestly won’t be shocked to open up this page some day to read that they’ve found her dead. That’s so horrible to think and type it out, but there’s just that feeling that this is the way things are headed for her. I had hope that she’d pull through and get back to acting because she TRULY had talent. I still get misty eyed watching ‘Parent Trap’! LOL! But now it just seems she’s out of control and the more trouble she gets into and the more she says she’s changed, the worse it gets!