The Duggars Defend Decision To Have 20th Baby

Michelle and Bob Duggar shocked all of us when they announced yesterday that they are expecting baby #20. (I have to admit, I still can’t wrap my brain around it!) Many people, as you can imagine, are critical of this, and the Duggars responded to the criticism to People.

“Every child deserves to be excited they are a part of life. Even when we were having our 5th and 6th [kid] … we would celebrate each pregnancy.”

They said that the complications with Josie doesn’t deter them. But Michelle pointed out that she suffered preeclampsia during her second pregnancy.

“If we felt that way, we would have stopped back with our second birth. There are many women who have experienced preeclampsia and have gone on to have more children. That whole mind set that you stop after a problem pregnancy isn’t realistic. You may encounter struggles along the way. You may not have a perfect pregnancy, but each child is a precious gift.”

Bob and Michelle also made it clear that they aren’t over-dependent on the older children to take care of the younger ones. Bob explained:

“We homeschool, so we are around our children day in and day out. Because I am in real estate, I am home and can be with the children a lot. When we go to the store or run errands, we take the kids one on one and we get to spend more time individually than a lot of parents do.”

Michelle added:

“The beauty of being in a large family is that everyone works together as a team and it is about teaching our children responsibility. There are a lot of good things we can learn from our critics. We really believe we are following our faith and there are sometimes going to be people who don’t agree and we aren’t going to worry about the negative things stated.

We are thankful for those out there who are happy, and we are grateful for each and every gift of a child.”

I wonder, like many people, how involved they really can be with each of their 20 kids, but ultimately, they’re taking care of them, and there’s no sign of anything serious like child abuse, so… who are we to say?

Still boggles my mind, though! What do you think?

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  1. Ninni says

    Ok i know nothing about this family and i can’t imagine what it must be living in a family of 20 kids, but about devoting time to each one… Comparing to a stay at home mom/dad of just a couple of kids, there’s no way the Duggar kids get as much attention, individually. But compared to a lot of working families, it’s a different story. The Duggars homeschool apparently, and from the text it sounds they’re around A LOT, there’s plenty of time for all 20 kids, i mean i know families where both the parents work long hours away from home, one might possibly spend the weeks in another city, lots of kids are practically brought up by their nannies.. Not saying which is the best way, i wouldn’t know, but as far as time with parents goes (and only that, again, i know nothing about these people apart from that quote), i think these kids might be quite ok.

  2. A.Roddy says

    It sounds a bit arrogant to keep knocking parents of two who must work.The Duggars are the same religion as Andrea Yates, Independent Baptist Fundamentalist. We know what happened there. a site called recovering focuses on those raised similar to these kids. And the whole mind set you continue risking your life is unrealistic. Poor Josie and the older girls I was all for them having as many kids as the pleased at first until I found out their beliefs.

    • KimBob says

      You cannot take one person from a particular religion or denomination and pronounce their behavior as standard for everyone else in the same denomination/faith. While I don’t agree with the Duggars interpretation of the Scripture that seems to be the basis for them not exercising birth control, they appear to be a wonderful family with well-behaved, respectful, and godly children. How many families in American today do you see like this?

  3. Rafaela says

    this is an entry for the BH cosmetics contest

    wow, just wow….i dont have kids, but if just 2 of them are a lot of work (which is what i’ve heard) i can’t imagine having 20 of them. I have nothing against big families, but this is taking things to far…i just can’t imagine what it must be like living with that much people, or getting the individual time you need with your parents to get to know them, and another baby at 45 and having a history of severe preeclampsia is really reckless, that is a condition that can kill you…
    hope everything work for them though

  4. june says

    The Duggars allow us a glimpse into their lives the good times and the bad. We are there by invitation as guests not judge and jury. What we would or wouldn’t do in our own lives is quite frankly irrelevant. How many children they have is a personal decision regardless of their religious beliefs and really is no one else’s business. I am horrified that people would attack their decisions at a painful time like this. Have some compassion.