Leighton Meester Dons A Wedding Dress For ‘Gossip Girl’

Ooooh will she or won’t she?! Will Blair Waldorf really tie the knot?  Do you watch Gossip Girl? I am obsessed with that show, I just can’t get enough so I was so excited when I saw these pictures come in! Now I am analyzing them one by one and trying to read Leighton Meester’s expression to see if she actually gets married or not!

Leighton was spotted filming the much anticipated wedding scene for Gossip Girl in New York City today and she looks stunning in her wedding dress.

I can’t wait for the wedding episode to see if Leighton’s character Blair Waldorf actually gets married or if she runs off with Chuck Bass!

Photos by AAR/FAME




  1. Francesca says

    Run to Chuck! I miss Chuck and Blair so much. Tonight’s kiss proved they still sizzle. This wedding crap is killing me! It’s got to end now.

  2. Arielle says

    OMG! LOL at Blair as a runaway bride! I knew they’d never let her marry that boring guest star dude. Chuck better be there to rescue her! This show is such fun trashy teen soap. 😛