Victoria Beckham & Harper Catch A Flight

Victoria Beckham and Harper were spotted getting ready to catch a flight at LAX. Victoria is one stylish new mom! Of course, with three boys, she knows the routine by now. And she must have help: who’s carrying her purse (and wallet) and Harper’s baby gear? A shy assistant that’s out of camera range, I’m sure ;).

Yet I still admire Victoria’s look. I’m loving this sleeveless blouse with the skirt and COVET those boots! Harper looks adorable, too.

Photos by FAME




  1. Kaylee says

    i beg of you please find another synonym of covet to occasionally use!! you appear to ‘COVET’ just about everything any celeb has, which given the then enormous pool of things that you ‘covet’ doesnt really give it any significance. you overuse the word constantly, thus demeaning ts impact, like the word ‘love’ is now overused so to make it worthless a descriptor. either occasionally use the words ‘like’ ‘admire’ or even ‘want’ or get a thesaurus but PLEASE OH PLEASE stop using covet.

  2. Kaley says

    And I beg of you, GO GET A LIFE! Do you seriously have nothing better to do than go to blogs and criticize posts? Are you really that lonely? Bored? Pathetic? You need to get laid, now.

    • Melody says

      Heh, sorta hoisting yourself on your own petard there girlie…do you have nothing better to do than go to blogs and criticise comments?are you really that lonely?bored?Pathetic? You need to get laid, now. Oh the irony

  3. liz says

    all three of you are pretty lame. But that pic of posh spice and the baby made me laugh a little.

  4. Alec says

    I like the outfit, I really like the boots, but Im not a huge fan of them together. the style of boot, yes, but not that color. Im a fa of that style of boot though, the round toe, blocky heel. not a fan of the exorbitant price tag Im sure they came with.
    Im sure shes a great mom, her kids seem pretty happy ad normal, but she always seems kinda disinterested in them, or comes across like that sometimes in pictures. like, shes trying so hard to not notice the paps, or make any facial expression, that shes devoid of emotion towards the kdis. you could shop out Harper and shop in a bag/book/whateveer and it’d look the same. its like she carrying a bag not a baby. but lke i said, its prob cos shes trying not to react to thhe paps around her.

    Idk, liz, Melody’s comments pretty funny!

  5. Gracie says

    Ugh… is it me or she is holding the baby like you would with a clutch bag? I mean, I get Posh is happy with her new “accessory”, but wouldn’t it hurt to carry her with a little more maternal attitude and a little less catwalk spirit?

    • Dizzy Riz says

      You read my mind. She is trying to be SO fashionable, she holds her child like an extension rather than a human you just gave birth to hence being careful is sort of IMPORTANT. WOW with these people.

      • says

        I don’t know, you guys. She looks like she’s doing the “I’ve been holding this baby for eleventy million hours straight and I’m exhausted but trying not to show it” hold.

  6. Anonymous says

    These comments are hysterical. I have to say that I agree with Kaylee though, whoever is writing these things says the same things, over and over, and over, and over again. And the really annoying thing is that the terminology is often misused. I also agree with Alec. Baby accessory and no emotion, at least that’s how it looks in pictures. Oh well. And lastly, I know I’m going to get hated for this, but that is one strange looking baby.

    • Simone says

      I agree with Gracie and Alec and Anon, she’s holding that baby like its an accessory, or like shes in some fashion magazine, with her hand in her pocket to display the line of the outfit. the photospread would be titled something like ‘Model Mom; Having It All’ and displaying how you can be a working woman nad a mom at the same time without having to sacrifice fashion, hair appts or your false nails. I like the skirt but really, white around a newborn?oh what am I saying, its not like a)she actually changes the baby b) that she;d ever re-wear anything anyway.
      Live is all just a big catwalk to some isnt it?

      I agree with you and Kaylee. Vera often writes the same innane thing over and over or will write a comment that is just idiotic in context or utterly ignorant of what is going on, which she could have gathered from actually looking at teh picture herself. Most times shes good, but there are times..

  7. Vanessa says

    Agree with Kaylee, the word covet is so overused. Same with “I’m having a ______ moment” right now (Chanel, YSL, etc), adorbs and amazeballs (shudders).

    Also agree that I love the blouse, the skirt and the boots, but not together. The boots are too clunky for how demure the top is and they cut off her body.

    But that is was cute little baby!!

      • Simone says

        oh god I HATE adorbs and amazeballs, its PerezHilton right? I hate it when he writes that. its just so argh, i dont even have the words, it just gets so under my just cheapens and ruins the english language to have everything be ‘adorbs’ and anything thats good news, (or what he thinks to be good news)is amazeballs. Can anyone explain to me where ‘amazeball’s even comes from?is it just some stupid word he keeps using to try and make it popular? i never see it anywhere else

  8. Catt says

    I agree – baby-as-accessory – she is not holding that baby the way most Mom’s would – she is holding the baby to the side so that the cameras can get a good look at her outfit.

  9. alessia says

    I agree that she carries the baby more like an accessory and walks like she is on a catwalk. With heels and a baby you would NOT put your hands in a pocket and walk like that! Just not safe. I am sure she is a great mother but she always has to put up such a show when she is in public. Be real!