Michelle Duggar Suffers A Miscarriage With Baby Number 20

At a routine doctor’s visit, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar received the devastating news that Michelle suffered a miscarriage.  During the appointment, the doctor was unable to find a heartbeat and they discovered she lost the baby during the second trimester. The couple, who were expecting their 20th child together had to tell their children of the heartbreaking loss:

“After the appointment, we came back home and told the children. We had just been talking about baby names last night and they were getting excited about naming a boy or a girl. It has been a real sad disappointment.”

“I feel like my heart broke telling my children. They have all been so excited about this baby and looking forward to April coming around and having a new little one in our arms. That was the most difficult. The Lord is the giver of life and he can choose when that life is ready to go on and be with Him.”

The reality family said they will name the baby and plan a funeral once they know if it was a boy or a girl.

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  1. MStylee says

    While I would never wish a miscarriage on anyone, not even my worst enemy, perhaps this should be considered a sign to stop having children.

  2. AnnieA says

    It is of course very sad.. But she should listen to the signs her body is giving her, there’s only so much it can take..

  3. says

    My point is why are they so adamant on baring more children in this day and age since they are not running a farm that requires large families. It sounds more like the vanity of her husband and her trying to please him. I think God is telling her its time to quit reproducin­g. Too much child-bear­ing is really hard on the woman’s body. In earlier years, child-bear­ing has been the highest cause of death in women, especially in the pioneering age.

  4. Ben says

    I’m glad she miscarried. I hope she miscarries the rest of the children she will try to have. What gives her the right to have 20 kids, regardless of whether or not she can afford to have them?
    This planet is suffering from dwindling resources and increasing over population and it’s idiots like them that are destroying our planet. And all in the name of what, religion? Another reason why religious people are retarded.