Dakota Fanning Is Cosmopolitan’s “Fun Fearless Female Of The Year”

Is it just me, or does Dakota Fanning look really different here? She looks gorgeous but very different. Maybe it’s the airbrushing or her just growing up (like in her banned ad). This Cosmopolitan cover is fantastic, though! Here are a couple of quotes from Dakota’s interview:

On her “superhuman aura”:

“Since I was young, I’ve always known who I was. I never really had to go through finding who I am. I’ve always felt really secure.”

Kristen Stewart on Dakota’s determination while filming ‘The Runaways’:

“We had a few scenes that were crazy intimidating, and maybe once or twice, she was like ‘Okay, I have a butterfly in my stomach.’ Meanwhile, I’m hyperventilating! Sometimes I give her s*it for being so on the ball.”

LOL! You can read Dakota’s entire interview in the February issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, which hits newsstands on January 10.