Demi Moore Was Inhaling Nitrous Oxide!

The real reason behind the Demi Moore 911 call has been discovered!  TMZ reports that Demi’s medical issues on Monday night stemmed from inhaling too much nitrous oxide!

one of Demi’s friends who was at her home told emergency workers Demi was doing whip-its.  A whip-it is a street name for a type of nitrous oxide inhalant.

The friend said she became upset when Demi had a reaction to a whip-it and lapsed into semi-consciousness.

TMZ also notes: a whip-it is not a common drug among people of Demi’s age and social status.  It’s typically used by younger people who are looking for a cheap thrill.

I just can’t imagine.  What about the young daughters she’s supposed to be setting an example for?  I know we don’t know the WHOLE story here, but clearly something is seriously amiss.

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  1. YAYI says

    This is sad because she is going thru a very though time after her split as a result of very humiliating cheating scandal, and that must be hard, but what’s even more shocking is the fact that she’s allowing this to affect her health and responsabilities as a mother. Truly sad. I thought she had it together.

  2. Jen Stone says

    Clearly Demi is having a mid-life crisis. She is having problems with aging in Hollywood. She is 49 years old for god’s sake!! She needs to get grip and stop trying to recapture her youth. She has 3 daughters that she is setting a bad example for. She is not the only woman to be cheated on and left for someone younger.

  3. candace says

    Im not gonna judge her b/c i know break-ups and life can sometimes get the best of you…i dont know a woman alive who hasnt either lost weight or gained weight…and neglected responsibilities b/c of heartbreak…but she needs to get herself together…she can’t stay in this rut…you see he moved on with his life…she needs to do the same thing…and i hope she has learned that if a man loves you…he loves you…and it doesnt matter how old you are…or how young you look…or how thin you are…over the years she’s probably been doing the most trying to keep ashton happy by keeping her outer appearance up to par with women half her age and she saw how far that got her…she is almost 50…and while that it isnt an excuse to just let yourself go…she should focus on living healthy and getting love and support from her family…not allowing the break up to ruin her life…best revenge is moving on happily

  4. sandie says

    Marrying somebody too young or too old is never good and relationships don’t last, we must be realistic! Nothing last forever so it is best to not get attached to anything in life. If she’s getting high she’s not happy, otherwise she would it be doing better things with her time and I’m sure she has lots of free time. No wonder she’s so skinny… I hope she finds happiness but without accepting reality chances are she will never be.

  5. Col says

    I have a hunch that the unravelling of Demi Moore began long before the “cheating scandal” with Ashton… I read somewhere months and months ago that her and Ashton were having issues due to her “issues”… not saying IF the cheating scandal was true that it was ok, but one has to wonder why he, again, if it’s true about the cheating, would stray… methinks he was trying to escape Demi and her demons.