Lady Gaga’s BF Wants Her To Drop The Persona At Home

Lady Gaga’s boyfriend, Taylor Kinney, wants her to check the “alter ego” Lady Gaga persona at home and “be normal.”

“Gaga started living and breathing her character 24/7 because she felt her fans wanted that. Taylor has convinced her that he loves the real Stefani.”

According to this source, Lady Gaga has agreed to be “more human” at home. Awww, that’s actually very sweet. And hopefully Lady Gaga realizes how lucky she is to have someone who loves her.

Photos by INI/FAME




  1. Bengal says

    There seemed to be reports that Lady Gaga or Stefani was
    at San Diego on the beach and naked in the kitchen and out there
    for 2 weeks at scruby beach house with a group of guys or beach bums ie the vampire diaries cast of males, excluding her girlfriend from diaries. So her being naked out there is not natural
    enough. Lets be serious. They should stop pandering writeup for young girls who are fans and like to hear his sort of bologne.