Celebrity Picture Gallery: Cameron Diaz In London

Cameron Diaz was bundled up in a cute black leather jacket with a fur collar as she was snapped out in London this afternoon.  Cameron was on her way to Heathrow airport to catch a flight.  Cameron has been spending time in Europe for Paris Fashion Week.

Cameron’s next project, ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’, hits theaters in May.  I can’t wait – it looks hilarious!

Photos by FameFlynet


  1. Elizabeth Rose says

    Hmmm… she looks a little too much Rutger Hauer in these shots – definitely not a good look *fail*. Sorry Cammy.

  2. dee cee says

    Endless reflection of rejections by her own heedless declaration ‘I am not interested in marriage’ vow completely worked.. sighs deeply.. failures to break that oath by the lackluster romance performance of the star knights she dated.. was measured.. Always alone is also drag on her free spirit and happiness.. Blighted fantasy reality sucks..

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