Brad Pitt “Delighted” Angelina Jolie Is “Still A Bad Girl”

Angelina Jolie herself admitted she still has “a dark side,” and her partner, Brad Pitt, says he likes it.

“She’s still a bad girl,” a grinning Pitt, 48, said Monday on CBS This Morning. “Delightfully so. It’s not for public consumption.”

Oookkaaay… LOL. Brad is just letting loose with all these interviews (I’m assuming this is part of his Oscar promotion).  Here’s Brad’s interview on ‘CBS This Morning‘:

Photos by KM/FameFlynet




  1. Shell says

    lol, i know ive said before that we shouldnt judge. however, with this couple, I feel like every they do is part of some promotion. everything!

  2. Stop Being A Bully ! says

    If there was anything at all between Brad and Jennifer ,he would not of fell in love with Angelina ! Why can’t people get that through their thick heads !! Especially after all this time ,they are in Love !!!! Omg I can only imagine ” the sexy hot passion that is shared between these two “.Leave them alone !!

  3. Angela says

    I don’t know why everyone has a problem with this man being happy. Couples get divorced all the time. Brad Pitt only divorced Jennifer Aniston, not the entire female population! Let the man be happy for christ sake!

    • joanne says

      It is not the fact that he divorced Jennifer. It is the fact that he and Angelina fell in love while he was still married and he divorced Jennifer to be with Angelina. They didn’t wait to be together. This isn’t the first time that Angelina has been the other women. Remember Billy Bob Thorton?

      • sam says

        And she is not the only woman in Hollywood that’s been the other woman. Julia Robert broke Kiefer Sutherland marriage, but they relationship didn’t work out. She also hook up with her photographer who was married with two kids, who is her husband now. Meg Ryan cheated on her husband with Russel Crowe. Its Hollywood everyone cheated on everyone the only reason why people scrutinize her so much is because she’s Angelina Jolie. Nobody said nothing to Julia Roberts because she’s America’s sweetheart. I don’t care how good a woman look, if your husband is happy and want to stay with you he will stay. If a man is in love with his wife, and have whatever he wants and needs at home; the devil himself can’t make him leave her.