Vanessa Lachey Drops By ‘The Rachael Ray Show’

Vanessa Lachey visited ‘The Rachael Ray Show.’ Not only did she talk about her show ‘Winter Wipeout,’ she also gave some advice for three quick and glamorous hairstyles.

So how does Vanessa take to being called “Mrs. Lachey”?

…I still look for Nicks mom. They’re like “Mrs.Lachey.” Im like “Is she here? But it’s me!”

What was acting like for Vanessa?

“…I had kind of stopped with the acting world, I guess for me that was square peg round hole, and hosting is what I do. So this was the first opportunity I had.”

Vanessa said she herself has not tried to obstacle course for ‘Winter Wipeout’ (smart girl- I wouldn’t go NEAR one of those things myself!), but other celebs are up for the challenge.

Nick and Drew want to do it. The producer said Pink emailed and wants to do it, her husband Kerry Heart. Jimmy Johnson the NASCAR guy.

Vanessa’s visit with Rachael Ray will air on Tuesday, February 7th. I want to see these hairstyles, personally!

Photo by Rachael Ray Show