Hot Guy Of The Day: Eddie Cibrian For Charisma

Charisma is launching their Spring 2012 ad campaign, and it features Eddie Cibrian (again). Now, I don’t think anyone with eyes can deny that Eddie looks HAWT in these pictures.

But I can’t ignore the elephant in the room: does all the drama that happened with him and LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville, um, lessen his appeal to you? Or sometimes, do you just have to enjoy the view? (And hey, you can never have too many sheets and towels, so head on over to Bloomingdale’s ;))




  1. YAYI says

    He definitely has a nice body. No point denying it, but personally I don’t think I could ever look at this man and say “wow” what a hot body he has, without thinking how wrongly he handle his marriage. I mean, his ex-wife is a nut case but it’s safe to say that any man who cheats on his wife/gf lacks morals and loyalty, and that for me is a MAJOR turn off.

  2. Anonymous says

    He is a SCUMBAG! I like a hottie just like the rest of us women, but his actions make me sick (and so does the actions of his famewhore wife).

  3. Anonymous says

    Hot Guy of the Day? Since Leann is still tweeting about Brandi and Eddie’s kids and Eddie sat back and didn’t do anything about Leann encouraging her fans and staffmembers to harass Brandi on twitter, Eddie Cibrian is the SCUM BAG MAN of the YEAR. Eddie doesn’t look HAWT in those photos, he looks nervous and uncomfortable. Perhaps Leann Rimes was there during the photoshoot because she can’t trust him to be faithful to her even when he is working

    Why is the media always trying to shove that jerk down people’s throats? He isn’t sexy or hot and he looks like he has aged a decade since he has been with Leann. Of course all the drama has turned people against Eddie. Remember when The Playboy Club also attempted to use Eddie’s deal with Charisma to hype up their show? And after 3 episodes the show was canceled, lost sponsors, but it’s not like NBC didn’t see it coming, many people said that they didn’t like Eddie because he can’t act and he is a homewrecker. So why would the media keep trying to shove him down our throats, when the public has made it very clear that they don’t like Eddie? So is this why Eddie made sure that the paps caught him at church on Sunday with Leann? He thinks that it will convince people that he is a changed man? If Eddie was a changed man, then Leann wouldn’t be on twitter taunting his ex-wife and exploiting his kids. It’s a shame that Tyler Perry would stoop so low as to use Eddie Cibrian and these ads to promote his movie that is coming out this month. It’s sad that Charisma, Bloomingdales, and Tyler Perry think that consumers are so superficial that they would ignore Eddie’s atrocious behavior just because he gets naked and lays on sheets. When people see Eddie Cibrian they see a man who has no respect for women or his kids. They see his and Leann’s daily staged photo-ops.

    Wasn’t this campaign suppose to start in October of last year? So even now Charisma is being dishonested.

  4. sam says

    Since they decided to feature Eddie yet again, isn’t it obvious that they only picked Eddie because someone who works for Charisma is Leann’s friend? It’s just like how Eddie got his job on CSI, Chase, and The Playboy Club. All favors from Leann’s friends. Charisma didn’t get good feedback when they tried this stunt last year, which is why their October promotion with Eddie didn’t go well or didn’t get that much attention after The Playboy Club was canceled. So once again instead of calling these two out for the frauds they are, the media glorifies it. You know that Charisma was anticipating the fallout from featuring Eddie again because they sent him to church on Sunday to counteract it.