Courteney Cox Says ‘Cougar Town’ Needs A New Name

Courteney Cox’s show, ‘Cougar Town,’ is finally coming back to TV tonight after nine months off the air. Now that it’s back on, Courteney and the show’s creator, Bill Lawrence, acknowledge one reason their show may be struggling: it needs a new name. Bill said:

“We gave the show a title that helped it sell the show and get it on, but then we didn’t write that show. And so now we’re a show called Cougar Town that’s not about older women chasing younger guys. It’s really a show that’s about adult friendship and how people while away the time, essentially drinking with their friends.”

Courteney further explained:

“We tried to figure out what would be a better name that would all of a sudden make people want to watch the show? And what name is worth changing it for?”

They debated some options but then considered the ramifications, like people not realizing the show had a new name or the DVR not recording it.

“That would be terrible, to lose people,” adds Cox. “So I think it’s just about people not being embarrassed about the title, giving it a shot.”

I can see the problem, yet I agree that the name probably isn’t the best for their demographic. Frat boys may like the name ‘Cougar Town,’ but most women I know (even fans of the show) are kinda turned off by it. But the show is funny!

Photos by Joseph Marzullo/PNP/