Father Shoots Daughter’s Laptop After Facebook Rant (Video)

{Warning: there’s some swearing in this video} This youtube video has been making the rounds, and it’s gotten to the point where I can’t resist asking your thoughts on it (although I freely admit I have no way of knowing if this is some kind of stunt or real, but I still find it entertaining).

To give you a brief summary: a teenager posted a rant about having to do chores around the house (that she thought she had blocked from her parents’ view). Her father, who works in IT, found it when he was installing new software on her laptop.

He then read the rant on this video, SHOT her laptop with his .45 (on video), and posted this video on the teen’s youtube wall. I’m not sure it’s what I would do, but this father made his point. Luckily for this teen, laptops aren’t that expensive these days ;).




  1. Vanessa says

    Team Dad all the way. I think people forget what it was like to be a teen and there is no amount of grounding or talking calmy that can make them listen. Sometimes it takes drastic measures and yes, even a little embarrassment to get the point across.

  2. Magan says

    I don’t agree with how the dad went about this. He totally risked his relationship with his daugther and he didn’t really seem to care! There were other alternatives that he could have used. He could have simply had his daughter donate the laptop to a charity or to a needy family. That would have made her feel humbled once she realized there was someone else out that was worse off than her! Granted, she should have never posted the open letter on facebook, but its her parents fault for letting it get this far.

  3. Grace says

    I think the dad took this way too far. Public humiliation is not an appropriate punishment, ever. There are many ways he could have punished her that would have been more fitting. The most important thing for children is to help them understand that you’re punishing them because you love them and want them to know that they have to experience consequences. This will only make her a more rebellious teen, not change her attitude. Plus she won’t respect him, she’ll just fear him.

  4. kristin says

    I’m on the dads side on this one. No friggin’ way would I let that crap slide in my house. Bet his daughter won’t soon forget it :).

  5. bbbbbbbbb says

    People like this guy shouldn´t have children. I hope the girl has some good friends she can go to. Because running away from that home is the best thing she can do.