Jennifer Garner Picks Up Her Ballerinas

Jennifer Garner looks like she had her hands full between carrying Seraphina and shepherding Violet to the car after ballet class! To top it all off, Jennifer looks about ready to pop (although she herself has said she’s not a small pregnant woman).

A baby may not sleep much, but at least Jennifer can stay off her feet a little bit. She’s probably looking forward to delivering at this point!

Photos by R2D2/FameFlynet




  1. says

    i hope her third baby girl looks like jen and her name should be briony daniela affleck, and she’ll look like a mini jen and she’ll have all of her mom’s features (her eyes, her nose, her mouth, her ears, her hair color, and her dimples and foreheads), please let the baby be another mini-jen (which is a third daugher for ben affleck and jennifer garner’s third child if it’s a girl ), her name should be briony daniela and she’ll probably look more like her mom, and please please, it’s another little girl.