Gabriel Aubry And Daughter Nahla Enjoy A Zoo-Rific Day

Gabriel Aubry tried to put aside the stresses of the crazy custody battles and other drama with his ex Halle Berry and just enjoyed a fun-filled at the zoo with his daughter Nahla. Gabriel and Nahla were spotted strolling through the Los Angeles Zoo together this weekend, literally taking time to stop and smell the flowers.

Nahla and her dad also were spotted riding the carousel and hanging around in the play park area.

Still no word on whether or not the judge will grant Halle permission to move to France with Nahla and her fiance(!?) Olivier Martinez.

Photos by Fameflynet




  1. Alli says

    Where’s the monitor to protect this dear child from scary Dad? ((eyeroll))
    He is starting to look like he has been through the ringer, though.

  2. Magan says

    I don’t believe that Nahla is scared of her dad. I think that Halle and her camp will stop at nothing to discret this man and keep him away from his daughter just because he won’t do what she wants. After all this, I have totally lost respect for Halle! I wish that they would stop their fighting and think about poor Nahla in all this and just working something friendly out! Nahla is the most important thing here!

  3. Stating the Obvious says

    Oh, yes… Nahla is just TERRIFIED of her father. What a load of B.S. It’s time to stop dragging this man through the mud, Halle.