Rihanna Greets Fans Outside Her Hotel

A  still-blonde Rihanna was ready for her fans (and the paparazzi) when she left her London hotel today! She’s wearing an outfit that is distinctly “Rihanna”- LOL. It’s not as outrageous as many of Lady Gaga’s ensembles, but Rihanns’ outfit is definitely not one most of us would wear out in public ;).

Rihanna greeted fans who were waiting outside of the hotel before going on her way. I bet she made their day!

Photos by Flynet UK/FameFlynet




  1. Kaylee says

    Shes always looked trashy, but recently she can add cheap to her resume. Jeez, she used to be sorta hot, then she started having this delusion she’s gods gift to music,bikinis,twitter and then that shes some thug rapper. Then she dyed her hair blonde and started dressing in a way even lowend prostitutes would look down on. cheap, trashy and childish. she needs to just grow up already.

  2. Maude says

    Taking fashion tips from that Momsen girl? Never had a highest opinion of R (look wise or her “”””music””””) but she’s been looking like cr*p lately. Is she on something?