Chris Brown Accused Of Snatching Woman’s Cell Phone

Chris Brown is in some legal hot water again!  The singer was exiting out the side door of a nightclub in Miami with rapper Tyga when a woman whipped out her cell phone and took their picture.  In the police report she filed, she says that Chris reportedly snatched the phone from her hands saying: “B****, you ain’t going to put that on no website” and drove away with her phone!

On Thursday, a Miami Beach PD officer told Access Hollywood that Brown has not been arrested and as yet has not been charged, adding that the State Attorney’s office is preparing the arrest warrant.

Chris is still on probation for the 2009 physical violence against Rihanna, so any charges could prove to be a big mess for him.

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    • UFIDIOT says

      You are probably one of those weman that wouldn’t mind getting a beating every now and then, just plain low self esteem! I hope justice is served as they would do with any regular John Doe.

  1. Jude says

    I’m guessing that treating women with respect is NOT one of his 2012 New Year’s resolutions? Someone needs to explain the definition of “assault” to Mr. Beat-Down Brown. Apparently he thinks if you’re not bleeding from the neck up it doesn’t count.

  2. YAYI says

    Unfortunatelly for some is not happening. This “celebs” seem to get away with things which any regular Joe would never be able to get away with. This bastid needs to be tought the lesson he didn’t get 3 years ago. If only someone had the balls to do that.