Angelina Jolie Says She’s No Longer “Selfish” Now That She Has Kids

Angelina Jolie is experiencing what mothers have experienced since the beginning of time: motherhood is a life-changing experience! She says becoming a mother has fulfilled her personally and given her life meaning.

“I think being a mother teaches you a lot about love and togetherness and a sense of shared purpose. You stop living selfishly and your only thoughts are about how you can help your children be happy and learn about the world.

“From a young age I was searching for something to hold on to in terms of giving me a sense of purpose. When I started with UNESCO, that fulfilled a great need for me to be helping people and feel that I was doing something positive in the world. I think adopting a child and starting a family was an extension of all that because it meant that I was helping make someone’s life safe and happy.”

Not that being a parent is a cakewalk: another lesson mothers have learned since the beginning of time ;). Angelina and Brad Pitt have learned that lesson together.

“It (the family) plays havoc with our sleep mainly. We try to schedule evenings when we’re not looking after the children and we can be by ourselves.

“Sometimes, though, we’re so tired that we just fall asleep on the couch. Ever since the twins were born, I’ve rarely been able to stay up very late. As soon as I’ve put the kids to bed, it doesn’t take me long before I’ve nodded off.”

Oh, yeah. LOTS of us know that one, Angelina- LOL.

Photos by FameFlynet