Joan Rivers Slams Angelina Jolie

Everyone is STILL talking about Angelina Jolie (and, more specifically, her leg) at the Academy Awards. Comedienne Joan Rivers has especially harsh words for the actress.

“Angelina Jolie looked like a fool the way she posed. She took herself right out of that super star category because you now realize she stands in front of a mirror to figure out [what she looks like.]

“Have you ever seen anybody stand with their hand on a hip with a leg thrown out to open an envelope? No. and you want to say, you idiot! You brought us back to the fact and we’ve all forgotten that you used to wear blood around your neck and French kiss your brother!”

As for Angelina’s slim frame?

“That looks like Auschwitz adjacent. This is the first stupid move she’s made. She handles her own pr, career and it’s all been very thought out. She turned around from kissing her brother on the carpet to being a representative of the United Nations and she’s done it all. She turned herself around to be a super star and you go whoops! Maybe she had a drink?”

OUCH. Well, Joan never has been one to mince words.

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  1. says

    I’m going to go out on a limb (ha no pun intended) and say I think she’s still in the superstar category. Just me?

  2. funny says

    No, Mom101- I totally agree- no A to Z lister has gotten so much attention for a little leg & a smile. This whole thing has made me realize that Angelina is an even bigger star than I thought. But, because the media wants to keep the narrative that she is evil & smug & hurts Brad & the kids, Angelina isn’t allowed to be happy or have fun or be even human- sad. Brad seems very happy with her (& her legs) for over 7 yrs now and that is all that matters. Joan needs to worry about her unemployed daughter dating a porn king- great example for her grandchild.

  3. BoN says

    Wait, that’s my signature pose!!! Danm, now people are going to think I’m trying to pose like her when I pose for my pics this weekend. Damn her & her boney self!! Just because she’s a celebrity.

  4. "STOP Bulling Angelina" says

    Joan Rivers is such a sad ,sad mouthy , disrespectful human being !First she put down , sweet Betty White ..Come on people,everyone knows she has had “EveryThing” done to herself ,Look how she looks!! What a joke !

  5. " Be Who You Are " says

    I Think This Has Been Blown Wayyyyyyyyyyyy Out Of Proportion ! Angelina Is A Strong Confident Gorgeous Woman , And She Was Showing It 100% At The Academy Awards !

  6. Liz says

    I thought Angie looked great and I loved the ‘Jessica Rabbit’ pose. She flaunted her assets. Isn’t that what stars are supposed to do? Of course she looks at herself in the mirror! Everyone in Hollywood has to as it’s a job requirement! Joan Rivers is obviously jealous that Angie won’t need over 700 surgeries to stay young looking. I’m not even a big fan of Angie’s as I feel she can overact a bit but I feel she was beautiful and relevant.