Lindsay Lohan Says “It’s Time To Grow Up” (Video)

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Yesterday we saw a clip from Lindsay Lohan’s interview with ‘Today’ host Matt Lauer: now here’s the entire interview. Lindsay seems to recognize that she needs to behave differently for things to get better.

Part of me is afraid Lindsay doesn’t really “get it” to turn things around, but I’ll always hope. Does Lindsay impress you in this interview?




  1. EricsGirl says

    What in the WORLD has this girl done to her face??? Before she started talking I thought maybe it was just a little weight gain, but HOLY WOW when she talked her face doesn’t even MOVE!!!

  2. dee cee says

    See she remembered her part and only flubbed up a few times because her ear phones went off when the unexpected questions were asked.. Then she’s um.. not committed but switching to another subject like soo stealth and smmoooooth … he and we didn’t catch on..