Is Madonna Going To Say Yes To Her Boy Toy’s Marriage Proposal?

It looks like we might be seeing Madonna in a white wedding dress yet again… or not. Rumor has it that her 29-year-old boy toy and back-up dancer Brahim Zaibat is set to pop the big question to his 53-year-old girlfriend.

According to sources, the twice-divorced Madonna has told close friends that she would rather be hit by a train then get married again but might actually be thinking this one over. From what we hear, the only issue in the relationship is that Brahim is a strict Muslim while Madonna – as we all know – is a strong Kabbalah follower and believer.

What do you think, should Madonna try marriage the third time around? Do you think this one will work out for her?

Diane Cohen/FameFlynet Pictures




  1. Miss Nimbus says

    Are you kidding me????? He’s just in it for the fame and she’s just dilusional. It’s not going to happen and he’ll be old news within 3 months.

    • Darolo says

      You think? Don’t judge! You don’t know him. He’s his own person & does not seek the limelight. Just because he’s
      25 people like you have to presume he’s only with her for the fame! You’re wrong and you insult them both! If the genders were the other way round you would not be making the same comment. Anyway ‘You’ll See’ !

  2. Darolo says

    It makes no difference in Kabbalah. People of all ‘religions’ attend connections. It is about becoming a better person, the best version of yourself,not about following a doctrine. It’s teachings happen to be founded in the mystical aspect of Judaism and very much rest on “Love thy neighbour”. There is no clash be you Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian etc. Madonna and Brahim will receive a Kabbalah blessing for their union. It will not be a Jewish wedding as neither is Jewish. How they choose to ‘marry’ otherwise will be up to them. I hope it stays private. They are in love & that’s all that matters.

  3. MamieGlow says

    This is utterly ridiculous! This must just be a rumor as she needs publictiy for her new album. Madonna is alot of things, but a fool she is not.