Paula Deen & Brother Being Sued For Harassment

First, Paula Deen had to deal with the fallout from announcing she has Type 2 diabetes and is being paid to endorse a diabetic drug. Now she and her brother, Earl W. “Bubba” Hiers, are being sued for sexual harassment, violent behavior, and racist comments by a former general manager at restaurant they co-own called Uncle Bubba’s Seafood and Oyster House.

In court documents filed yesterday, the manager, Lisa Jackson, alleges that Bubba’s “conduct was even physically threatening and universally humiliating… The staff … lived in fear of Bubba Hiers.” Lisa also alleges that Bubba looked at pornographic websites at work and left the websites up, so other employees would see them when they went to use the computer.

Lisa also alleged Paula herself made racist jokes and that she informed Paula about her brother’s behavior. Lisa’s attorney told People:

“My client informed Paula Deen of these conditions – the sexual harassment and racial discrimination, all of it. I’m not saying once or twice; I’m saying frequently to Paula Deen herself in person, over the phone, with corporate counsel for Paula Deen. And nothing was done about it.”

Paula’s reps declined to comment, saying they did not comment on pending legal matters.

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  1. MamieGlow says

    This is shameful! It if is true, it is only a matter of time before the Paula Deen empire comes crumbling down.