Katy Perry Goes To Mui Mui Fashion Show

I don’t think Katy Perry can set a food outside of her Paris hotel without the paparazzi photographing her! Hopefully she’s enjoying the fashion shows so much that all the scrutiny is worth it (although she doesn’t look exactly thrilled in most of these pictures).

Here’s the singer looking very feminine in her pink dress. It sets off the blue hair well (I’m saying that seriously). If you’re going to color your hair a bright color, it has to work with the clothes!

Photos by FameFlynet




  1. Anonymous says

    Wow, she is a wreck. I hate the entire thing from top to bottom. I liked the blue hair but it looks terrible because of the outgrow in the roots.

  2. dcb says

    I know she’s young and all, but this hair is awful. It looks like her best friend colored it in the bathroom a month ago and it has been washed with harsh shampoo since. Ugh.

  3. Miss Nimbus says

    She looks completely rediculous. Seems everyone is trying to be ‘crazier’ than the other. dumb.

  4. Kaylee says

    the only thing decent in that outfit is the coat-i like the pink lining contraasting with the blue. Im so over her blue hair-yes, shes blue, we get it, grow up already. the dress is ugly, the design, the cut the pattern its all pretty vile alone and together its just awful. and on top of that the cut and shape doesnt suit her. at all. the colour is bad on her and the shoes…dear god. why didnt sh look at that outfit and take a step back going ‘dude, I like to pretend im all wacky but thats a line too far?’
    yeesh mess mess mess

  5. says

    I love everything about this outfit…if they were all worn at different times. Love the dress but not with the shoes and coat. Coat is cute, but put it over a different dress. Those shoes rock but not with that dress and coat, maybe with some jeans and a t-shirt. I can even deal with the hair, but just not with the dress etc.

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  7. woodstock77 says

    OK, Katy, grow the eff up. You’re 25. You got a diveorce. Boo hoo. It happens. This is the real world and you don’t live in a cotton candy land where it rains gum drops and unicorns live in your strawberry shortcake backyard. You look ridiculous. And that hair has got to go. I can only imagine all the outfits I could buy with what she dropped on the dreadful getup.