Spotted: Adam Lambert In D.C.

Former American Idol finalist Adam Lambert was spotted today leaving a Gibson Guitar Showroom after a promotional even in Washington, D.C.

We really haven’t heard much from Adam lately. Hopefully he’s working on a new album that will blow our minds away the same way his first one did. We’d hate to see him become a one hit wonder.

Have you watched this new season of American Idol or are you glued on The Voice (like me!)?

Photos via FameFlynet




  1. Nina says

    Ha! If you haven’t heard much about Adam these days, what planet have you been on? His new album TRESPASSING comes out in “Maypril”-ish and the preview buzz is PHENOMENAL. He’ll also be fronting Queen for two performances this summer, one in Moscow, and one headlining the HUGE Knebworth Festival in the UK…AND he has a new single out right now…BETTER THAN I KNOW MYSELF which is why he’s in DC, doing a radio promo tour. Just so you know. =)

  2. Adamfan says

    Just google Adam Lambert anyday and you will find 100s of new articles. As Nina stated above he is singing in Moscow and the UK with Queen this summer and he sang with them at the EMA awards in Northern Ireland earlier this year. Adam has become an international star. He is much more popular in Europe than here because they are more accepting of his orientation. Hopefully this is changing because his new album is wonderful from the songs we have heard so far. Buy Better Than I Know Myself NOW on iTunes.

  3. Lorraine says

    Do not be absurd.
    Adam Lambert is much to talented to ever be a one hit wonder.
    A talent like his only comes around once in a lifetime.