Jennifer Aniston Says She Only Spends $200 On Beauty Treatments A Month

There was a rumor a good month ago that said former Friends star Jennifer Aniston spends a whopping $8,000 on beauty treatments to make her look as gorgeous as she is. The actress is now slamming those rumors, telling People Magazine that she only spends a modest $200 a month to look good. She says:

“Although I am a sucker for an amazing moisturizer, love a great facial, have been using the same cleansing bar since I was a teenager and have always been a dedicated tooth-brusher, reports that I am spending eight thousand a month on a beauty regime are greatly exaggerated.”

“By my tally this month I’m in for about two hundred bucks.”

We wonder how she is calculating her receipts there because if I can guess, $200 might be on her hair salon bill alone! Jen is never spotted without a strand out of place so I’m pretty sure she spends a good penny on her famous locks every month.

There’s also the cost of skincare, the gym, and manicures, pedicures, etc. that Jen has probably left out in that total as well. Heck, I think it’s hard for any of us to survive on a $200 budget on personal beauty treatments a month. What do you think?

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  1. Maria De Angeles says

    I think she must have meant beauty products not salon visits and the gym. I can see how she would only spend 200 on products.

  2. Dani says

    If I spent anything close to $200 a month, I’d be in the poor house. Not everyone can spend atrocious amounts of money on ‘looking good.’ You learn how to do your own hair, makeup, etc.

    And doesn’t Jennifer mostly do pilates or yoga as a work out? That she can do at home.

  3. Jules says

    I agree with, Maria…I think JA was talking about beauty products. That’s how I took it myself. I used to spend that amount and more, but learned along the way that less…is more. I always get told I look 10 years younger than I am, and that’s just from a basic beauty regime, which includes drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep. Did you know if you go to bed too late and don’t get enough rest, your muscles actually become loose and flacid? Sleep alone can make you look youthful. Off topic, I know…