Kendra Wilkinson Gets New Reality TV Show

I didn’t know Kendra Wilkinson was off reality TV, but I missed the news that Kendra and E! had “parted ways” after the network “went in a different direction,” according to Kendra. No matter: now you can get your Kendra fix on WE TV with her new show, ‘Kendra on Top.’ Kendra admitted the name makes her giggle.

“Of course you can look at it however you want to look at it, but the reason we named it that was because everyone said, ‘Kendra, you’re the most fit, you’re the best wife, you’ve got the best family.’ Everyone’s been saying those words to me so we summed it all up.

“You can take it and play with it and have fun with it. I’m OK with it, ‘cuz I’m a free person, I’m open. That’s the fun part of it, but the real meaning is where my life is now.”

Are you looking forward to seeing ‘Kendra on Top’?

Photos by Travis Wade/Daniel Tanner/