Hilary Duff Posts The First Picture Of Baby Luca

Hilary Duff gave birth to son Luca Cruz just about 2 weeks ago but up until today she’s only given us a glimpse of his tiny feet.

Tonight Hilary took to her twitter account to post the above picture of her adorable little bundle of joy tweeting;

Baby Luca, 2 weeks old :)

Aw what a cute little guy!  Who do you think he looks like – his mom or his dad?





  1. Courtney says

    I think Luca looks like his mom and Ben Clark when he was a baby granted even at 44 years old Ben still closely resembles his mom screen legend Lynn Redgrave as does his baby sister Annabel 31 while their middle sister Kelly looks like their dad John kind of like two of Paul Newman’s younger daughters are minatures of their mother Joanne Woodward while the other younger one is a replica of him here’s a recent pic of Joanne and their youngest Daughter Claire 47[IMG]http://i493.photobucket.com/albums/rr294/rachelspinkbfly/142342464.jpg[/IMG] you can’t say they don’t look alike