Lara Flynn Boyle Does Some Shopping

Wow, what is going on here?   I hardly recognized Lara Flynn Boyle in these pictures.

The actress was spotted doing some shopping around Long Beach today before going to visit a friend.

I still can’t quite process what she’s done to her face, if anything, and why.  I guess the pressures to be young and to fit a certain ideal in Hollywood becomes too much for some people to bear.

Photos by FameFlynet




  1. Jules says

    I read at another site that those fillers injected into the face actually get absorbed into the body after awhile…so the face will literally look like it’s melting and sliding off, as it breaks down. Someone else also suggested that over use of Botox will cause a similar “melting” look. She apparently has had numerous facial procedures done over the years, so it’s no surprise then she ended up looking like this. People don’t realize that with all the cutting involved to stretch/pull the skin…nerves and vessels get damaged, and do not regenerate. When you screw around with Mother Nature…this is the end result. Too bad…she was quite attractive years ago.

  2. Sandie says

    A lot of those celebs messing too much w/ their faces will end up looking like this mess.