Is Jennifer Aniston Planning A “Big Fat Greek Wedding”

Hopa! Could life be imitating art? There’s a hot new rumor that suggests former Friends star Jennifer Aniston is planning to wed her boyfriend Justin Theroux and that she’s planning a big fat, Greek wedding, too.

Jennifer, who has been dating Justin for a little over a year now, as we all know has Greek heritage and even spent a year of her childhood in Greece. Now it looks like she wants to pay homage to her roots by planning a big ole’ Greek fest for when she weds Justin.

According to the National Enquirer, Jen’s Greek cousins “confirmed the upcoming nuptials when he spilled the beans to a local TV station in Greece early last month.” The tabloid mag adds:

“Jennifer and Justin have agreed that they want to tie the knot in Crete, specifically in the beautiful town of Chania, where her father was born.”

“Her father always made sure that she appreciated her Greek roots, and Jennifer feels Crete is the ideal setting for her nuptials.”

If this is true, we think it’s a great idea! But then again this is the National Enquirer reporting the story….




  1. Michelle says

    Why does Jennifer Anniston always dress like a matching accessory to the men she dates? She has a gorgeous personality and I wish she would be more confident in being the individual she is.

    • Helena says

      Maybe insecurity, I don’t know, she is weird. And she DOES NOT have a gorgeous personality. She has a nasty spiteful toxic personality. Anyone who can steal another woman’s man like she did to Heidi, and associate with drunken racists who mock children (Handler) DOES NOT have a nice personality, and is SCUM.

  2. Miss Nimbus says

    Am I the only one who really dosn’t give a flying F*** if she gets married or not… this contant speculation over the years is tedious at best. *yawns*

  3. Helena says

    Cheating slime Justin didn’t marry his life partner Heidi Bivens who who shared a life and a HOME with for fourteen years, so what makes Ms Homewrecker Whoriston think he’ll marry her cheating slimy over-stretched vajajay? Why would either Justin or Aniston marry when marriage means NOTHING to them? Besides, what is more bizarre about this is the Greek wedding. Aniston is ASHAMED of her Greekness, always has been, which is why she went as far as to use blue contacts and bleech her brown hair. She is ashamed of her heritage and wanted to become an ‘all American’ California girl. I don’t she has been to Greece in the last 15 years, if ever. Aniston, wanting a GREEK wedding, is like Osama bin Laden wanting a Christian wedding.