Kim Kardashian Spotted Leaving Kanye West’s Apartment

Here’s Kim Kardashian. Guess where she is? Outside of Kanye West’s apartment. Yep, the paparazzi “caught” her leaving. I have to say, I don’t understand why Kim is doing this. It just looks like an attempt to get publicity, which is exactly what upset everyone when Kim abruptly divorced Kris Humphries.

I can understand Kanye’s perspective: this is getting him a ton of attention just as he has a new album to promote, but Kim? This just seems to be ending whatever credibility she had! Oy vey…

Photos by FameFlynet




  1. Kaylee says

    CREDIBILITY????? Seriously?? You are the only person ALIVE that seems to thinks that she or her family has or has ever had credibility. Are you seriously that naive? or is, as many suspect, this site also under payment from the K family to keep them in the spotlight and under positive eyes? I’d scoffed before at the idea but with SOOOOO many K posts recently in such sweetie pie ‘arent they the greatest and so believable’ writing, its seeming more and more likely

  2. XYZ says

    Publicity stunt. Everyone in the showbiz knows that KANYE is gay. U get the rest of the picture.

  3. says

    What Kaylee says.

    The K family is all about publicity and selling their image. Why they think they’re worth that whole shebang and why people submit to it, I don’t know, but they’re not worth anything more than you or me.