Victoria Beckham Eats Nothing But Dry Lettuce At NYC Restaurant

According to Us Weekly, fashion maven Victoria Beckham was recently spotted having dinner at a posh NYC restaurant with friends. And what was on her dinner plate? Nothing but dry salad, according to eyewitnesses.

A source tells the tabloid mag that Victoria chomped on nothing but salad, saying, “All I saw her eat was arugula. Not even any salad dressing!

While Victoria is known for her extreme diets and bizarre eating habits, I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t’ go all day eating nothing but salad. Everyone needs the calories to keep up with the day – especially Victoria who has four children to look after.

What are your thoughts on this?





  1. Kate says

    I think that if she really ate as little as people think she’d be dead. obviously she eats.

  2. Kaylee says

    I never get dressing on my salad when I eat out-I have coeliac disease and can’t be too careful that theres contamination in the dressing. Nobody goes ‘oh my god DRY salad’ I’m also dieting and beaus of that and my disease I almost always eat salad when I go out. its the easiest thing to avoid being very ill. yes, its boring but nodoby goes wow salad how do you live?
    shes rail thin is it any suprise that she eats salad without a dressing. not to mention, dear god, not everything needs to be drowned in fatty syrups, dressings, gravies etc. thats a very american thing. shes not american.
    as above poster noted, if she ate as little as is reported she’d be passing out every which way, her skin would be bruised looking and pale, even bneath a tan, her hair would be falling out and she’d be seriously ill.
    yeah shes too thin but this is a nothign story. Woman in hollywood eats salad with no dressing….oh my god call the media!

  3. Vincent88 says

    She is my idol, I adore and worship her. She is someone who can be referred to as a perfect and a real woman, she is mother, she is gorgeous, stylish and strong-willed. You go, Victoria! Love you!
    Vincent, internet radio maker and your devoted fan!