Nicole Richie Keeps It Stylish At The Gym

Nicole Richie is a true fashionista: she may have just finished exercising at the gym, but she’s still keeping her look stylish. Most of us wish we looked so pulled-together after a workout!

What I love about this look is how simple it is. All Nicole’s done is added a cute jacket and scarf, and voila! she looks great.  I’m loving her feedback on ‘Fashion Star,’ too.

Photos by  R2D2/FameFlynet




  1. Anonymous says

    how is this stylish? it’s pretty much what everyone wears to the gym. your writers suck.

  2. Anonymous says

    I agree anon! It’s the same photo this site puts up EVERYDAY of this “celebrity” leaving the gym! Add a scarf and a jacket and she is OOh SO stylish! Gimme a break!

  3. Vanessa says

    I think she looks pretty cute and stylish. Most women I see at the gym wear sweats and baggy shirts with their hair in a mess, she’s wearing a cute jacket, sunnies, scarf and her hair is neat.

  4. ma says

    no wedding ring? does she usually wear it to the gym or no?
    im wondering if shes pregnant… she looks a bit bigger than usual..