Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez & Nahla Enjoy A Day At The Beach

Halle Berry, fiance Olivier Martinez and Nahla look like they had a great time at the beach yesterday! Olivier looks like he is ready to be a good step-father to Nahla, and she seems to really enjoy his company. Nahla is lucky to have three adults in her life who dote on her.

Halle snapped pictures while they played. So sweet :).

Photos by RIV/FameFlynet




  1. Je says

    I just wanted to tell you I I love this website!! I like reading about fashion and celebs, but I hate how negative and brutal people are all the other sites! I have stopped reading most of them because of it. SO thanks for a staying nice and respecting all people, even celebs. =)

  2. Jules says

    Is that cellulite I see on Halle’s thighs?! Thank you, Jesus!!!!! Even the seemingly perfect…have their imperfections.